My Dad’s Garden in Late May

A little update on my dad’s garden for my sisters.  First, let’s start with my second sister’s water lily, it was in bloom on Saturday.  I missed the ones that bloomed the Sunday before, she called me to see if I wanted to go over and take some pictures but I wasn’t feeling well, I came down with a cold from being out in the rain on Saturday at the Dragon Boat Race.

Water lily Water lilly

Her fish pond.

Fish pond

Her fish would come up and open their mouths when it’s feeding time.  She has several huge Koi fish and had someone to offer her as much as $200 for them, but she turned it down.

fish pond

My dad’s corn, they look very healthy.

Asian corns

String beans, he seems to have lots of bugs problem.  I’ve heard that Marigold flowers help keep these bugs away, and grew some in my flower raised bed, and I think my second sister is planting some in his garden area for him.

String beans

Pickling cucumbers.

Pickling cucumbers



His Thai eggplants are not doing well this year, I think it must be in the soil, he mulched the bottom of his raised beds this time.

Thai eggplants

The chili peppers are doing much better comparing to last week.

chilli peppers

Onions and tomatoes

He planted quiet a bit of lemongrass.


His Pomegranate tree, hopefully it’ll bear fruit this year.


pomegranate pomegranate

The crabapple is doing well this year, he went out and covered the tree during the last frost that we had.



It threatened to rain the whole time while I was out there taking pictures.

Banana trees

One of these baby banana plants is mine, but I’ve not moved it to my garden yet.

Banana trees


  1. Your dad have pretty good size of garden going there. It must keep him pretty busy for weeks. After looking through all these pictures, my backyard needs alot of work.

    • seeharhed, my dad’s yard needs lots of work also, I plan to do the landscaping for them, but it seems like our weekends are taken up by going here and there, and I dragged them along, but I think they enjoy going places with us.

      • Ginger,

        One thing I’ve notices about houses in NC… they all have big size of lots. I visited a friend who live just outside of Charlotte and his backyard is so big. It is totally opposite here in CA, the houses are packed in tight and not much of a backyard.

        • seeharhed, Charlotte is very crowded, but the outskirt is not bad. I live almost 1 hour from Charlotte, and my dad’s yard is bigger than mine, almost twice the size of my yard. Sometimes I wish I’ve a bigger yard so I can grow more trees.

          CA made me think of NYC, we lived in Queens, NY before moving here and our house in Bayside has a very small backyard, and a driveway on both side of the house, but only one side was ours, and the other side belonged to our neighbor, we had a small front lawn. It’s a nice residential area, but the snow was too much for us.

  2. your dad’s garden is looking great!!!! I’ve to check my parents garden. They had expanded their garden recently so when I go this weekend I’ll try to take some pictures of it and share them on my blog.

    • Thanks mozemoua, he is worried about it since some of his plants do not look too healthy. Your parents garden was real nice last year, and with your new camera, I can’t wait to see, do take lots of pictures. 🙂

  3. How scary lol, your father’s koi pond look EXACTLY like my uncle’s but he’s in Ohio.

    • c, that’s very scary. The pond belongs to my second sister, she lives with my dad, and designed that pond herself, and we live in North Carolina. They must have think a like when it comes to this, she loves her fish.

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