Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival – Part IV Ms. Asian Festival Pageant

Continued from Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival – Part III Cultural Program

I really don’t know who won the beauty pageant.  The panel of  judges were there, and it rained shortly after the Pageant, so I’m not sure if they announced the winner.


But you can be the judge, here are Ms. Asian Festival Pageant contestants…








South Korea

South Korea






As for me, I like Ms. Vietnam best, she is very photogenic in my opinion.  This concludes my trip to the Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival, and hope to attend the event again next year.


  1. I liked Ms. Vietnam also! They all look great. The only thing I noticed though is the first Ms. Hmong she’s a beautiful girl, but she bared no resemblance to a traditional girl. Even with the clothes she didn’t look like traditional pageant girl. 2nd Ms. Hmong was a more traditional look, but she’s beautiful nonetheless

    • Tinah, I also like both Ms. India, and the first Ms. Korea, but I noticed Ms. Vietnam even before she went up on stage, very pretty girl. 🙂

  2. I like the outfits (especially fabrics) of India and Indonesia. I also like the style of dress from Thailand and Laos too.

    The girls are all nice looking. But since purple is one of my favorite color, I pick Miss Burma. 🙂

    • Cambree, I’ve never heard of picking because of favorite color before, this is the first. 🙂

      Ms. Burma is also very pretty, she has a charming face. I stepped away during the interview to get something to drink, and when I came back, they were lining up for group photo and I didn’t have time to take a good picture, but this one has some of the contestants and Ms. Burma is the shortest.

      • Yes you are right, Ms. Burma is tiny compare to all the other girls. And most of the girls are all wearing very high platform shoes!

        But looks like a fun day of celebration & good family fun. 🙂

        • Cambree, she is a very petite girl, but I think she represents her country well.

          It’s a good way to spend time with your family, they’ve activities and events for everyone and my family really enjoy themselves there. We talked about next year’s event already and I’m sure more will want to join us. I sound like an event promoter. 😀

  3. For me, these young Misses looks very glamorous in their own way. I think they’re enjoying the little pageantry there.

  4. I agree with you, Miss Vietnam. They are all pretty, but Miss Vietnam has a very sweet and modest expression, I like that.

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