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Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival – Part I the Dragon Boat Race

Asian Festival

I learned about the Asian Festival, the Charlotte Dragon Boat Race last year and looking forward to this year’s event.  I think due to the fact that it called for thunderstorm on Saturday, not many people were there as the year before, last year‘s festivals attracted more than 6,000 people.  The weather was nice until 2 PM, when the sky opened up and it started to pour, luckily I brought a trash bag with me for my camera, but we only had 1 small umbrella for 5 people, needless to say we were soaking wet, and the party was pretty much over for us.  The storm only lasted for 30 minutes, and when we left at 2:30 PM, many left with us, but many were arriving because it was an all day event.

Asian Festival

Asian Festival

Asian Festival

Asian Festival

I’ve never attended a boat race before, so this was a treat for me.  The admission was free, and we had to park our car at one location, and the shuttle buses took us to Ramsey Creek park.  The boat races was exciting, it was with 22 person rowing crews in boats, 43-55 ft long, with dragon mastheads and tails, and teams were representing many organizations and groups, this took place on Lake Norman.  At a time like this, I wish I had a better zoom lens.

Dragonboat race

Dragon Boat Race

Dragonboat Race

Many onlookers were there to cheer for their favorite teams.

Asian Festival

Dragon boat race crews, just finishing with their race.

Dragonboat race crews

Hi five, greet and meet for a brief moment, congratulating the rowers that just finished with their race, and wishing the next Dragon boat rowers with their next race.

Dragonboat race crews

I was expecting mostly Asian Dragon boat rowers, but surprisingly there were more American Dragon boat rowers than Asian.


There were several cancer survival teams there being recognized.

Cancer survival team

I’ve more photos of the event, and will post later…

beauty pageant

young Lao dancer

Young Lao Dancers

Continued at: Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival – Part II the Parade of Nations

12 thoughts on “Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival – Part I the Dragon Boat Race”

  1. Ugh! I can’t believe I missed the races AGAIN! Oh well, I think I would have had more fun as a participant than as a spectator. Thank you for the photos.

    1. Hi Seiji, you’re welcome. This is my first year, but it was a lot of fun. I plan to go there again next year, maybe we’ll see you there.

  2. Every year we have a dragon boat race too. But I had never had the chance to attend it. It’s always held at lake lanier. I am not sure when it’s going tohappen this year.

    1. mozemoua, I read about it also, I believe there are more Lao (Asian) participants in the Georgia one. I think you’d like it, I noticed many photographers there.

      1. I had a friend who invites me everyyear, but I could never find the time to go. I am not even sure if the one this year had already happened. I really should call my friend and confirm it with him. Yeah from the pictures I’ve seen there are a lot of Laos and khmer there.

        1. ascandaloussin, if I had the time, I’d like to become a participant, as one of the dragon boat rowers, something that I would really enjoy doing. I think you’d enjoy the event, as for me, it’s a great way to practice taking picture as well.

          I think sometimes we’re so busy that life just pass us by, you need to make time for yourself. 🙂

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