The Celebration of Visakha Puja Day at Our Local Temple

Visakha Puja Day is also known as Buddha’s Birthday, it’s the day of birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.  This is the holiest day for Buddhists,and celebrated by the Buddhist communities all over the world. It was a nice day, and we had a good turn out yesterday, might be about 80 worshipers that were there.  We’ve several Buddhist temples in North Carolina, and this one is Wat Greensboro also known as Greensboro Buddhist Center, almost an hour and 20 minutes for us to get there, so our local temple is not so local after all.

Wat Greensboro

Buddhist worshippers

A young Buddhist worshiper, must be love at first sight…she is adorable.

Young Buddhist worshipper

And for those that have a hard time sitting on the floor, there are chairs in back.

Buddhist worshippers

This is Mae Tou Gaisorn, she is the host for Thot Pahpar this year, and also the previous years.  She donated $50 and was the first to hang her money on the money tree, and by the end of the day many Buddhist worshipers joined her and we ended up with $300 and the amount was donated to the temple.

Thot Pahpar

Thot Pahpar



Foods offering to the monks, anyone can bring food from home to offer, my second sister brought several dishes, and I brought Ginger chicken.

Foods offering

Foods offering

The ceremony for Visakha Puja started after the monks had finished with their meal and it was about 11:45 AM, this is to pay homage to the lord Buddha and everyone was given 3 incense sticks which represent the Buddhist Triple Gem, standing for the Buddha, his teachings (the dharma), and the monkhood (the sangha).

Incense sticks

The ceremony started with the monks chanting, all monks and each worshiper held 3 incense sticks, all facing the direction of the big Buddha statue.

ceremony for Visakha Puja

ceremony for Visaka Puja

And as for us, since this is Mother’s Day, we took the opportunity to Tum Boun (Merrit making) for our mom that passed away in January 2007 as well.

Merrit making on Mother's day

Part of the ceremony to offer Boun (merrit) to our passed loved ones, we’d pour water called Goud Nom Pra Maid Ta to mother earth so she can tell our passed love ones to come and receive their Boun, and in this case, it was for our mom.

Pour water

There weren’t as many foods and souvenir vendors as the New Year celebration.

foods and souvenir vendors

I spotted Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti right away, one of my favorite desserts, and purchased 3, they were $2 each and it was real good.

Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti

I think Nham is a Laotian dish, not very often that you’d find them selling at a festive event such as this.


The next event at Wat Greensboro is Sunday, May 17th, Atthamee Puja Day, it’s the day of the cremation of the Buddha’s body, meditation retreat and Dhamma talk will be provided. It begins at 9:30 AM, all are invited and welcome.


  1. That little girl is soooooo cute. At first I thought there was a wedding going on when I saw those $$$. I mean, wow that’s a lot $300, how generous of the people who have attended.

    I am sure I have eaten that green jelly-like dessert. It tastes like coconut milk right? I want it half-chilled.

    • K, it’s a dollar here and there and it adds up, I helped in counting the money and it didn’t quiet make it, so people that were nearby gave some to make it a complete $300, that was nice.

      As for the girl, I’m not sure about her nationality, if she is Lao, Thai or Khmer, but she is cute.

      The desert, you add coconut milk, syrup and serve with crushed ice, especially nice on a hot summer day. 🙂

      • The little girl looks like my niece. We Asians look all beautifully the same nowadays, aint we?

        • K, it’s true that it’s hard to tell our nationality, a few of my sisters are mistaken for Filipinos all the time, I’d pass for one but the only problem is my height, I’m a bit too tall.

  2. There was, as usual, a great celebration at Darling Harbour. I should post some shots soon 🙂

  3. I love Nhem. That is my favorite Lao food. They sell them regularly at events like this. I definitely think it is a Lao dish because Vietnamese does not have it.

    • Ainoo, I don’t see it often and might be because it’s not as easy to make, and spoil easily on a hot day. I only get to eat them at Boun events or a Lao birthday party. It’s one of my favorite Lao food also, serves with fresh herbs and vegetables.

  4. Yum, more Lao desserts 😀

    I was up in Sydney last weekend (for mother’s day and my grandma’s birthday) and they had a Buddha’s birthday celebration on in the Darling Harbour area. But that’s Sydney 😛

    They’re holding the same thing this weekend in Melbourne at Federation Square. I’ll be there as a volunteer photographer 🙂

    • Hi Will, I think Darling Harbor that you and EJO is referring to might be the same event, must be a nice event and looking forward to seeing the photos.

      And do post your photos of this coming weekend event…I hope we get to see it before…maybe Thanksgiving. 🙂

      • Most likely it is the same event organised by the Nan Tien temple. I wondered past it by chance.

        I’ll try to get my photos up by thanksgiving, problem is, I don’t even know when thanksgiving is (we don’t celebrate that event in Australia) haha.

        • Will, only kidding with you there, I’ve noticed you don’t post many pictures and post them real late, must be a professional photography thingy, and as for me, I can’t wait to post my photos to share, must be a blogger thingy.

          Thanksgiving is at the end of November, you’ve plenty of time. 🙂

          • Haha. Honestly, i’m no professional photographer 🙂
            But i’m really flattered if you think I am one.

            I’m just someone who loves taking photos, and trying to get better at it. A professional (in my mind) is someone who gets paid to do it.

            Sometimes though, I decide to either not upload, or restrict access to certain photos I take. I also photographed last years’ Buddha’s birthday celebrations in Melbourne but was told not to upload them all. In the end, decided not to upload any. I’ll probably be given the same restrictions again this year, but may decide to upload one or two later.

            • Will, maybe you should think about becoming a professional photographer, your photos are quiet good. 🙂

              I’ve never taken photos of events that would give me restriction of posting before, to me if it’s not hurting anyone in anyway, then it should be okay, that’s pretty much my guide line. What was the reason that they gave you that you can’t upload? This made me think that the professional photographers were afraid that you photos might compete with theirs.

              • I’m not too sure anymore. I was allowed to upload some for portfolio purposes etc…

                But it’s all good. I don’t really mind, I get more practice at shooting people, which is always a nice thing.

  5. Tuk Badth always brings happiness to my heart. I feel so humble to be a part of such a beautiful culture.

    • lady0fdarkness, I feel the same way, we’ve 2 American monks at our Temple and one became a Buddhist because he found an inter peace in himself when all his life he had anger issues, but for him becoming a Buddhist was not enough because he couldn’t let go of a lot of things such as greed, so he became a monk and a lot happier now.

      I think when you’re a part of the culture, excepting things as is, that’s when you see the beauty in it.

      • Hey, Ginger!

        Sounded just like what Ajahn Chah said about letting go. If you let go little you’ll have little peace but when you let go completely, you’ll have complete peace.

        • Dallas, I’m okay with having little peace, it’s part of life. I’m not ready to go live in the monastery yet. 🙂

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