Watching My Garden Grow

My small garden is coming together nicely, I finally have everything planted last weekend, and finally have time to sit and relax.

My garden

My garden

I try to keep my garden simple this year, I’m thinking about doing a year round garden, growing vegetables in the fall and winter as well, but I still have to do some reading on this.  The closest raised bed is the flower garden, I planted strawberry, African marigold, celosia, and Jr. sunflower.

My garden

In my herb garden I have mint, chives, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, lemon grass, and kefir lime that is in a pot sitting next to the herb garden.

My herb garden

My dad gave me the kefir lime plant along with the banana tree, I’m hoping to be able to prepare a spicy Thai curry soup and pick the herbs from my own garden this summer.

Kefir lime

Next to the herb garden is my Asian garden, I wanted to grow lettuce, but it’s too late to grow it now, I might have to wait till late summer, or when it gets cooler again in the fall.  In this raised bed I have chili peppers, Thai eggplants, cherry tomatoes, and underneath the A Frame are snow peas.

My garden

The Peach tree that my friend gave us is doing real good, not bad for its first year.

Peach tree

The milk paint treatment on the A-Frame is not doing too bad, but I expect the water and rain to wash out some.  I think this type of paint might be better used indoor than outdoor.  I planted pickling cucumbers this year, they’re still very small and I can’t wait to see the cucumber vines climbing up the A Frame.

A Frame

There are many fish in my fish pond.  I have several large Koi fish and many baby fish, but they’re too young to tell if they are Koi or Comet babies.

Fish pond

When we visited the Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh NC, we also purchased Paeonia ‘Krinkled White’, it’s in bloom today, and has a real nice aroma.

Paeonia 'Krinkled White'

Next I have to update my sisters on my dad’s garden, he is doing something different this year.


  1. Your backyard looks a little crowded but it seems like you have all sort of herbs you will ever need for cooking Lao foods.

    • Hi Ainoo, I can use all except for the thyme and rosemary, I just like the way they look, but I think I can use these to make spaghetti.

      It’s a very small backyard, and this is half of it, but it doesn’t feel too small for us though, the sound of the water falling from the water pump is very loud, kind of nice to hear.

  2. I can just imagine how much herbs you’ll have by end of summer. Everything is coming along so nicely too!

    I didn’t expect your part of the U.S. to be so green this time of year. Then again, I’ve never been there.

    I think it may be one of the best places to start having a backyard garden. Either that or you really have a green thumb now. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, my green thumb ability is still up in the air, I would like to think that I’ve a green thumb, and since this is my first real garden, I’m a bit nervous and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to care for it like my mom and dad, my mom had a green thumb and my dad definitely has a green thumb.

      It has been raining a lot lately, and the warmer weather makes everything greener a lot faster. I think I’ll have plenty by summer time. 🙂

    • Thanks PaNoy. 🙂 It rains again today and it looks like the plants have grown some since I took the picture, by mid June I’m sure they’d be covered.

  3. Wow !! Ginger
    You really have green thum and patient to do all that. I wish I have that much energy to do what you do, you will be reward with spectacular views and of course get to enjoy cooking with them too. I’m jealeuos

    • Hi salalao, landscaping is something that I like to do and enjoy working outdoors. It does take a lot of patience to get this done, and since I did most of the digging in 1 week, I’ve lost almost 5 lbs (not that I need to lose any weight), and it’s a great workout, a great way to get the Vitamin D obtained from sun exposure also. It’s hard work, but the reward is ten-folds. 🙂

  4. Wow! What an impressive looking garden!

    I that you’ve got the outdoor chair.

  5. How come you didn’t create some sort of barrier between your yard and your neighbor. The wired mesh contraption on the back fence would be great on the side fence to block your neighbor so there would be some sort of privacy.

    • Hi ainoo, same reason as why I didn’t put up the privacy fence, I think it tells a lot about your personality.

      My neighbor, the wife has come around some, she was out there the other day asking me about her Hosta plants, she has not been watering them and one looks like it’s dying, but I think it’ll be okay.

      I’m a friendly person, 🙂 I’m sure they don’t mind seeing me out there working in my garden.

  6. Ginger, with that yard full of plants – it looks like your visitors will extend their stay in an ambience like that.

  7. I love your small garden! very nice! Looks very nice and peaceful too!

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