SanShui Lotus World

The most beautiful Lotus pond that I’ve seen is at Wat Lao Buddhavong, but nothing compare to this one in China.

Video and description by chan:  This is a very big park having thousands species of lotus on display in San Shui, GuangTong, China. What a pity, it has been closed down recently.


    • Hi salalao, I think there is a place near Washington DC area that is real nice, and Wat Lao Buddhavong is nice also, but last July 4th, there weren’t many water Lilly when I visited, hopefully it’s nicer this year.

  1. What a lovely place. Sad to hear it’s closed down.

    There is suppose to be a big lotus garden in DC area, it’s call “Kenilworth Aquatic Park.” I don’t know if it would compare to this lovely Chinese lotus garden.

    • Cambree, I usually visit the Virginia area in early July, but the water lilies are prettiest in August, it’d be nice to visit the Kenilworth Aquatic Park when the water lilies are in bloom.

      Maybe someday they’ll open the one in China again.

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