The Beloved Dr. Oarh Part II

Continued from The Beloved Dr. Oarh Part I

The beloved Dr. Oarh

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by a former nurse in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

Later that day, he heard the bad news that Dr. Oarh was in a car accident and she passed away along with her brother’s friend.  This happened after she left Chiang Mai and was on her way back to the hospital that she worked.  Her brother’s friend died upon impact, but Dr. Oarh was rushed to the nearest hospital.  She was in critical condition, and was treated at the Emergency Room (ER).  The ER doctors tried to revive her but sadly she didn’t pull through.

Her body was transported to the hospital that she worked that evening, and as soon as the vehicle that carried her body arrived, the power at the hospital went out, this left the whole hospital in a total darkness for over 30 minutes.  The only source of light came from the emergency lighting that came on when the power went off.  This made the staffs feel uneasy, it was very eerier indeed.

Even stranger than that was the first 7 days that she passed away, you can hear someone walking, slightly dragging high heels that sounded like Gok…Gok…Gok…the same rhythm as her walk when she was still alive, and the sound would come and go, especially late at night during her round when she would visit her patients.

One patient that was expecting a twin was one that Dr. Oarh worried about the most, she frequently checked her condition prior to the car accident. The patient said that she saw Dr. Oarh in her lab coat, walked passed her, and when she called for her, Dr. Oarh never turned head to look her way, nor stopped by to ask about her condition as before.  This was unusual because Dr. Oarh always smiled and stopped to ask her patients’ condition.

Some of the nurses saw Dr. Oarh come out from the elevator, she walked passed them in a hurry, but she never said a word, nor looking at anything in particular, but once they looked again, she was no longer there.  Late at night, one patient saw her sitting at the nurse station reading patient’s chart, but she looked solemn and sad.  Also very strange that the Hales Blue Boy (Helbruboy) red drink that belonged to Dr. Oarh, that no one dare touch, the cap came opened and  the red drink spilled all over the table that left most wondering what just happened.

Not long after the accident, my younger sister came to work at the hospital, and the only housing available at the time was Dr. Oarh’s town home.  At first my sister didn’t know that Dr. Oarh lived there for several years, and this house was very special to her.  Dr. Oarh decorated the house herself, she was single and loved to decorate to her liking.

After my sister moved in, she often found strange things there.  Such as the bathroom door that she left open, all of a sudden would shut by itself, then the lights would turn on by itself.  Whilst watching TV, it would turn off by itself.  Sometimes the wind charm would start making noises but there were no wind.


Photographs by Uche Oji

Finally my sister performed a mini ceremony, she lit incense sticks and asked for forgiveness that she had trespassed, and permission to live there because she had no place to stay.  She promised that she would take good care of the house, and gave a garland that she had it made especially to Wai (pay respect) this spiritual being.


Photographs by Ravages

She hung the garland above her head board, and that night, my younger sister had a dream.  She dreamed that she attended a graduation ceremony of someone that she didn’t know.  The lady wore a graduation gown and held a bouquet of flowers, she was smiling and seemed very friendly, but the strangest thing was that around one of her arms was a garland that looked just like the one that my sister placed above her head board.  It seemed that this young lady might be in her early 30s, she smiled and spoke to my sister, her voice echo and she said, “Can you give a message to my older brother to please return the item back…don’t take it because they did the best that they could.”  After that her image disappear.

My sister woke up covered with sweat, and that morning she told her dream to other staff members at the hospital.  All that sat there felt chilled and had Goosebumps on their arms because my sister had recently moved there and has not heard about Dr. Oarh before.  She did not attend her funeral service, and know nothing about the situation.  One of the staffs showed my sister the funeral picture, on there were the hospital staffs sitting in 2 rows in front of a casket, even thought the image was small but the enlarged photo of Dr. Oarh in front of  her casket was very clear.  It was the same lady as in her dream, she was wearing a graduation gown and was holding a huge bouquet of flowers.  This was the only picture of her that her relatives could find at the time because a picture such as this is not normally used to display in a funeral service, and my sister had never seen this picture before until now.

When my sister gave the message to Dr. Oarh’s older brother, he was in shock upon hearing, and confessed in tears that after his sister passed away, he took some of the medical records from her chart because he felt that it was negligent on their part that caused her to die, the treating physicians could have done more to save her life.  And after her funeral service, there were no lawsuit and everything came to an end, Dr. Oarh left everyone peacefully…she is in a better place now.

From that day till now, it has been 10 years, and no one has heard or seen her again. Dr. Oarh left behind a legacy of kindness and compassion.

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