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Photo source and to learn more about Swine flu.

Out of all people, I should be the one to fear the Swine flu the most because I can’t take a flu shot, I took one several years back and had a bad allergic reaction that I suffered severe rashes for 2 years. The deadly Swine flu epidemic has many wearing face mask, pretty soon we’ll have a shortage of that as well. Most people are on a panic buying, you can’t find a bottle of hand sanitizer or a face mask for sale anywhere in town. How do you protect yourself? I guess if I can’t find a face mask, I’ll have to look around for something that will work, what do you think of this one? Maybe this would work.

Well, only if the masks were switched around in these 2 photos, then everyone would look decent.


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    • Hi giiid, thanks for the link, I think everyone is on the hype and talking about it now. We’ve several suspect cases in our area but nothing is confirmed yet, it’d be interested to know what people in Denmark think.

  1. The lates news,(from USA actualy) that this flu isn´t as dangerous as expected, was told in Denmark today. Until now, only one person is infected here, she came from New York some days ago. The attempt to stop the flu in spreading, are continuing though.

    Usually Danes react on facts, (as they are very easy to get), and not so much on emotions. Some foreigners find this behaviour a bit “cold”. Until now, I haven´t seen or heard anyone speak about it, except those who were interviewed.

    Let´s hope that the news are correct.

    • giiid, I think it’s overrated and overblown here in the US, and seems that every one is jumping on the bandwagon trying to benefit from this, whether it’s the news media, sometimes I feel it’s all about rating for them, and many companies that produce these product is benefiting from this as well, as you can see why they’d make a big deal about this.

      The news is a good source of information sometimes, but many get their news from tweeters this day, and to me tweeter is like rumor.

  2. Thanks for the face mask humor. 🙂

    It seem like people in the U.S. are not as concern about this swine flu as those in other countries. In Japan, they are screening flight passengers for signs of a fever.

    I have heard that the 1918 pandemic was of the same virus (H1N1). That flu killed up to 100 million people worldwide. Let’s hope it’s not that bad.

    • Cambree, I think people in the US, such as the news media like to report on the situation, and the internet and twitter provide the (mis)informations a lot faster, faster than the spreading of the virus itself.

      With the advance in technology and instant communication like we’ve today, I don’t think we will ever see anything like the 1918 pandemic. In Thailand airport, they also screen flight passengers for signs of a fever, my sister said that they pulled one lady because she had high fever, but it was not a swine flu, I certainly wouldn’t want to be stranded anywhere because of this.

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