New Baby Robins Still Growing

I think the baby Robins and the mommy Robin get used to me by now, the mother is busy looking for worms to feed her babies.  The baby Robins have grown some since I last posted their photos, the one in the middle looks like s/he is singing.

baby Robins

Updated 4/30/2009: When I left for work this morning, I saw the baby Robins standing up to appear as if they were testing their wings, ready to take off, and when I came home for lunch, sure enough the baby Robins were gone.  I looked around,  one didn’t make it very far, still on my front porch.

Empty nest Baby Robin

The Paeonia ‘Scarlett O’Hara’ that we purchased from Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh, NC whilst visiting a friend 3 years ago is in bloom.  It’s a perennial plant and this year, it looks a lot healthier than last year.  I think it was during mother’s day when we bought this, and our friend was having a mother’s day cookout and invited my mom.  He and his wife had planned for us to visit the nursery, they only open to the public at certain times of the year.

Paeonia 'Scarlett O'Hara'

Paeonia ‘Scarlett O’Hara’


  1. You take such beautiful photos!

    In my previous house, my mother had a huge garden. There was a lot of wasp hives, a lot of rabbits came, birds were nesting on roof and even some garden snakes. And she kept saying “Our family is getting bigger! This means we are going to prosperous.” I think she meant it’s good luck if a lot of animals make your home theirs lol.

    I guess you can take those little robins a sign of good luck =)

    And I know it’s late but… Soak Dee Pbee Mai Lao Ginger! =D

    • Thanks nangmeta. My mom had always been a gardener, I recalled in Laos and Thailand that we had a good size garden, but one thing that I noticed about her garden was that there weren’t any place to sit and relax and might be that people don’t sit and admire the beauty that nature has to offer back home.

      I guess my family is getting bigger, I’ve more baby fish now and they’re growing everyday. I love birds, and they’re welcome to make their nest anywhere, but I hope that I won’t run into snake, not one of my favorite animals at all, and thanks for the Lao New Year wish. 🙂

  2. The birds look healthy and will soon be flying on their own.

    That peony is beautiful! I always think of Chinese tea when I see peony.

    I just saw some nice big peony plants at Coscto for only $15 and really wanted one. But I just don’t have the space to plant it right now. 😦

    • Cambree, it’d be nice if you’ve a space, the paeonia is a perennial plant and spread so fast, these two that I have in my front yard, they’re big bushes now and I need to separate them by fall, I might bring some to my garden, I still have some room along the fence area.

      In bad timing like this I’m afraid to buy, I saw an orchid at Home Depot for $26 that I really like, but I had to put it back down. 😦

  3. I have a nest in our maple tree we planted not 2 years ago and took a picture of the 3 babies with feathers almost like the one you have….was looking forward to taking a picture every week to mark the progress, but noticed the mother not around for a couple of days and thought it to be just my timing of her out on the hunt for fresh food. Today July 3, 2009….I took my step ladder to photograph the progress and nothing but an empty nest. I suppose it was either Blue Jays or Squirrels that resulted in their demise. Such a shame, at least your eggs being taken wasn’t as bad as being eaten alive. I feel so bad now. I think I’m going to trap the squirrels and be rid of the thieves, they are a terror on my bird feeders!

    • Hi Earl, thanks for the visit. If it’s not high enough sometimes the cat can get to it. I had one nest next to the air condition box and my neighbor’s cat ate the eggs, I was so upset and that’s why I continue to let them build their nest in my front porch area, it’s a little messy but it’s safe from the cats and Blue Jays.

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