Laos- Golden Triangle with many faces but we are Lao

This is a video slideshow by salalao, most of you have seen her video slideshow of Lao Art- Original Painting on Various Mediums that I posted earlier, and this one is her recent trip to Thailand and Laos.

Video and description by salalao: Through out my traveling I find the country side is the most beautiful, tranquility, and peaceful place to be, life there is simple but yet content. Oh how we come so far but yet we looked for simple thing for comforts. Laos is far away half way around the world but yet some how looking at these pictures, it feels so close………..


  1. Short !! and sweet . Great reflection of what was left behind, seem like time stand still. No matter where we are, our birth place always will call home.
    This past week the celebration of Lao New Year. We celebrate with tradition, culture, and most important all are the FOOD. The colors, texture and different seasoning all point back to home.
    we were to simulated to our new society but yet secretly we yearned for the past. How did we get here and where will end up? Home ? which home? here or back there?

    • lonely buffalo, I often wonder what it would feel like to grow up in Laos, but that I would never know. It is true that we could go back and visit, but I think it’s not the same as living there, I personally would like to live there, but then the US has become my new home. Even though the US is not Laos, but we’ve not forgotten the Lao tradition regardless of where we are. It’s obvious by the traditional events that I’ve attended and shared the photos here at this blog, our tradition and culture is still very strong here.

      But I do wish for those that left Laos at a young age the opportunity to go back and visit, the Wat (temple) are absolutely beautiful.

  2. I doubt the young people have that much interest in the architecture of a Lao Buddhist temples. I do wish the young Laotians would have a chance to visit too.

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