New Baby Robins

I’m working on translating a ghost story, something that I’ve put aside for awhile because things have come up, but I’ve not forgotten, and for those that have been coming to read (or looking for a new) ghost story, I thank you.  I should be finishing with one in the next day or so.

It was today last year that I posted about baby robins, and this nest is at a different spot, facing the road.  The mother is near by, I can hear her telling her babies that danger (me) is near.

baby robins

baby robins


  1. What did you do? Did you shoo the mother bird away? Anyway, for sure the mother bird knows that you’re the cool “danger” she didn’t have to worry as long as they are not pestering people coming to your house.

    Hi Ginger.

    • Hi K, I knew the eggs hatched several days back, so I went home for lunch to see the new babies, and when the mother saw me, she flew off to a nearby tree. It’s a good thing that I don’t have many people visiting me, otherwise they’d scare the baby birds, and I’m afraid that they might jump off their nest before they’re ready to fly.

    • Hi giiid, I have many Robins in my area, I especially like their reddish chest, absolutely beautiful, they are easy to spot.

  2. My computer is next to the big bay windows, so I’d see humming birds and blue birds drink out of my pond. Birds are very beautiful and fascinating animals, but you’ve probably heard before that I am SCARED of birds.

    • lady0fdarkness, they’re beautiful and quiet harmless. They’ve beautiful singing voice especially early in the morning or late in the evening, something that I didn’t hear growing up in NYC.

  3. Wow! You have annual visitors now.

    I always like seeing bird’s nest (in the wild). But never seen one near a house. It’s very comforting to see nature this way.

    • Cambree, this is probably the safest spot, it is high enough from the neighbor’s cat, good thing we’ve 3 pillars, so far 2 have nests, but after the babies leave the nest, I’m thinking about cleaning them out, they can build a new one when they’re ready for nesting again.

      It’s nice to see them around, I’m very fortunate to see them this close.

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