The Winery and River Bend Farm at Biltmore Estate

We spent the morning touring the Biltmore house, part of the afternoon touring the garden, so by the time we got to Biltmore’s winery, it was almost 3 PM.

Biltmore winery

At the winery you can sample their award-winning red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.  I didn’t get to do that, I’m not a wine person, I use it mostly for cooking and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive,  but I did get to sample their gourmet foods.

Sample wine Sample goumet food

Then we visited the River Bend Farm, it’s right behind the winery.

sheeps at River Bend Farm

I’m so envious of these beautiful curls.  I’d love to have this as a pet, they are totally domesticated.  Of course, dog is man’s best friend and they were the first animal to be domesticated, and sheep and goats are tied for second and third place. It‘d be a job for me trying to convince my neighbors that sheep are totally domesticated, and it‘s a pet, not a livestock. We wouldn’t have to cut our grass, the sheep can take care of it.



small cow

I’ve never seen a Budweiser Clydesdale horse before, it is huge, this one is Bert.

Budweiser horse

Here is a better picture, photographs by Charles Ferguson, a photo at  the Winter nationals drag races in Pomona, CA. The driver of the Budweiser King dragster got a ride behind the famous horses.


Next to the farm is a kitchen garden, there’s not a lot growing right now since it’s still cold, I’d love to come back and visit in the summer.

Kitchen garden

This picture below is taken from inside the kitchen garden, the white building in the background is a hotel.  This is for those that want to stay for several days, a great spot for vacationing.  The winery and farm are about 4 miles from the Biltmore house.

River Bend Farm

Beautiful trails, you can rent a bicycle to tour the place, something that I didn’t get to do, we left Biltmore Estate by 5:15 PM.

River Bend Farm

I think this is a great vacationing spot, you can choose from carriage rides to horseback riding, river float trips, biking, hiking, Segway tours, sporting clays, fly-fishing school, and Land Rover driving school, to find out more.


  1. Those sheep are so funny looking, and the curls…

    The Biltmore can be fun for kids too – especially the farm or “petting zoo”. I didn’t realize they had so much to offer. It’s a great idea for a family vacation.

    • Cambree, I upgraded our tickets to a season pass, so I’m looking forward to going back this summer for the rose and kitchen garden, fall for the leaves colors and winter for the Christmas decoration. It’s a fun place for the young and old, my dad also enjoy touring the house. I think you’d love the place.

  2. I love Biltmore and it’s gardens. I haven’t been since Christmas but your pictures has inspired me to an impromptu trip this weekend!!!! Time to let that seasons pass pay off!!!

    • Hi Chan, thanks for stopping by. It’s a nice place to visit, I think I’ll wait for the roses and water lilies to come out, and by then the kitchen garden should be real pretty. Well, have lots of fun this weekend, as for me I’ll be visiting my temple for Buddha’s Birthday, it’s also mother’s day, time to Tum Boun (Merit Making) for my mom as well.

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