Milk Paint Treatment for my A Frames

I finally have a chance to experiment with milk paint, I’ve been wanting to paint my A Frames but was afraid that the normal paint would be toxic to grow food on, especially cucumber vines to climb on them, and when I read Cambree’s post of  ‘Milk Paint’, it seems simple enough for me to follow.  I used 1 quart of whole milk, and 1 fl oz of green food color, this allowed me to stain my A Frames, and since it was watery, instead of using paint brush, I used wash cloth instead.

Milk and Green food color Milk Paint

I’m happy with the result, but I don’t know how well it will hold in the rain.  I’m sure it will wash out some, and since it’s raining today, this might be the true test.

A Frame

A Frame

This is the before and after picture, I didn’t like the white color of the wood and milk paint seems to work well on this small project.

A Frame A Frame


  1. This is very neat! I’m glad you were able to do this. It’s so neat because it’s safe and non-toxic.

    Btw, milk paint should hold up when when it’s completely dry. So let’s hope the sun comes out soon. 😉

    • Hi Cambree, I think I might have been a bit impatient and set it out too soon when it was not completely dry. The rain washed some out, but it still look good, I might do a bit more touch up, I still have some Milk paint left in the refrigerator.

  2. wow.. I learned something today.. I never knew something like milk paint existed.

    • lady0fdarkness, It’s a very neat idea, I didn’t know it existed until I read at Cambree’s blog, and she said that you can also use coolaid for coloring as well. This is great if you’re working on a small project with kids, and painting children’s room or furniture, I bet that it’d give a nice shabby chic look.

    • Hi Bill, thanks for stopping by. The application didn’t work well here, and I think it’d be better for indoor painting, especially a kid’s room.

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