Lao New Year Celebration at My Local Temple

Lao New Year 2009 in NC

One of the good things about living in Laos is that the local Wat (temple) is within a walking distance, I can’t say the same here in the United States.  We have so many temples here in North Carolina, but all are about 45 minutes to 1.50 hours drive, as for this one, Wat Greensboro is about 1 hours and 25 minutes drive for us.

We had a good turn out, this is the line for morning Almsgiving.

Lao New Year 2009 in NC

Lao New Year 2009 in NC


Jaydee Cide or sand stupas are still very fascinating to me.  As for this year, my wish is still the same as last year, when I built the Jaydee Cide, I made a wish and donated the good merits for my mom that is no longer with us.

Sand stupa

Sand stupa

Lodh nom songk, or pouring water on Buddha images.

water pouring on Buddha images

This one is new to me, rubbing on the Buddha images, I wonder if he asked for a lottery number.

water pouring on Buddha images

Many beautiful ladies came out today.

water pouring on Buddha images

Young worshipers…

Paying respect

And faithful Buddhist…

Old Buddhist lady

No, not ghosts and goblins, but I did have a good scare today.  As I was walking to the sim (worship hall), I could feel someone right behind me, too close I thought to myself, so I turned to look and faced this.

Playing songkran

I must have had that look on my face, and she said, “No! No! Don’t be scared.”  She was waving her white hands right in my face, that didn’t help, I backed away.

The food venues were busy, especially the Spicy Papaya Salad, aka Tum Maak Houng venue.

Papaya vendor

I know these ladies, they were there to help raise funds for the temple.

Selling food for the temple

I didn’t get to take many food photos, but hope that this will more than make up for it.  This is the food offered to the monks, there are 6 monks at our local temple.

food offering to monks

And my GI Joe sister volunteered to do the dishes today… brave soul, although later on she had some help.


I guess not so much fun for her, but I can’t say the same about others, there was a live band.

Lao New Year 2009 in NC

And no, the monk didn’t sing.

Lao New Year 2009 in NC

Lao New Year 2009 in NC

Lao New Year 2009 in NC

Lao New Year 2009 in NC

Our local temple celebrated Lao New Year this weekend, but other Wat are celebrating Next Weekend, so hope you can make it to the celebration.

Sok Dee Pee Mai and Happy Lao New Year.


  1. Our wat is having it this weekend. I’ll snap some photos.

    happy new year. 😀

    • Happy New Year to you lady0fdarkness. Do take lots of photos to share, I’m looking forward to seeing your New Year celebration. 🙂

  2. I can see the flowering Dogwoods in the background. It looks like a fun day for people young and old.

    May the new year be a good one for all of us. 🙂 Sok Dee Pee Mai!

    • Salat, it was a lot of fun, I like event such as this, there were many Thais, Laotians and Khmer there. I was hoping to attend another Wat because they’ve Nang Sangkaan, but they held the event on the same day, so I chose my local temple instead.

      We definitely need all the Sok to come our way, thanks. 🙂

  3. wow the mountains of great Lao food look great
    my Lao isn’t too good i just installed it on my pc but have only thai and english keyboard so it’s taking time to find all the letter combinations
    also not sure how to spell some words as its different to Thai in many aspects.. i was so very pleased on my first time in Laos though to find that not only could i communicate easily with you wonderful laoatian people, but indeed was also able to read the local newspapers!
    i love your country and your people i find the Lao people so very humble and not as avaricious as we Thais (well actually i have an enlgish passport but i consider myself Thai).
    Thanks once more for your fascinating blog. by the way you have a link from my site to this blog because it’s so great.

    • Horus, that’s great that you can also write and read Pasa Lao. I recalled your website from my tattoos post, it has lots of great information, thanks.

      I recently had a chance to go back and visit Laos and Thailand, and I do have to say that I absolutely love Laos, the people are friendly, and I feel as if I’ve never left even though I left there when I was only about 6 years old, and I can barely remember anything at the time.

      I think how people treated you is in your attitude towards them, it’s good to know that most feel welcome when they visit Laos.

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