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My Younger Sister New Fishpond

As for now this is what it looks like, it seems that she could never make up her mind, it was once sitting on her deck, but now it’s in front of her house.  It sort of makes me feel nervous looking at it since it’s so closed to her house.  Fascinating that it has her initial S, I don’t know if that was intentional.


A view from the top pond.


I find this very odd, she bought her fish the same time as mine, but hers have never gotten any bigger, still the same size as when she first got them, and mine are a lot bigger now, must be in the water.  Oxygen in the water that is, I’ve a bigger pump than hers, and also my pond is a lot bigger and fish grow according to the size of your pond.


She has some nice wild flowers in her yard that are in bloom.

wild flower wild flower

4 thoughts on “My Younger Sister New Fishpond”

  1. Your sister’s pond is very different from your style.

    I like the round rocks and the circular shape. But I agree it is a bit too close to the house.

    Hopefully it won’t do much harm to the foundation or wall of the house.

    1. Salat, my younger sister is good with her hands, very crafty, but sometimes she doesn’t think about safety. I’m sure in a couple more years, she’ll move it again.

  2. I have to agree. That is just too close to the house.
    Her fish didn’t grow as big as your because of the tiny space they were kept in like you said.

    1. Ainoo, her pond is small, and at one point she didn’t have a pump at all, also she doesn’t feed her fish on a regular basis. 😦

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