Stilt House

One of my co-workers is looking for a place for her daughter that’s attending college, this house is going for $875 per month rent for a 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and it will not be available until 2010.  When I first saw the house, I had to do a double take, at that price, it’s obviously not a house in Laos, but the resemblance is remarkable.


When I was living in Laos and Thailand, we lived in a stilt house, I think mainly due to flood.  The picture below is a house in Laos, not as fancy as the one above, but I’m sure the rent is not as high.

Stilt house in Laos


  1. That is a good observation – an upgraded stilt house. 🙂 I have seen homes like this in Hawaii. They use the bottom half for storage.

    That house looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere! Besides the neat stilt, it’s so spooky looking.

    • Hi Salat, this is in Boon, NC, somewhat up in the mountain and close to Appalachian State University where her daughter is attending college.

      The only time I get to see home like this is when we go to the beach, but we’ve not done that in a while. I’ve noticed that they park their car underneath the stilt house here (1st photo). In Laos, most would have a big Lao bench for people to sit and relax and some would raise chickens underneath their stilt house also.

  2. I lived in a house on stilts for 12 years in Hawaii. We had a major hurricane named “iniki” come across, and amazingly, our house stood strong while trees around tumbled over.

    Us kids used to go under the house to play hide and seek… it was also my usual spot to hide from my mother when I used to skip school.

    • lady0fdarkness, I’d love to visit Hawaii someday, I’ve heard that it’s beautiful. You’re very lucky to have lived there for 12 years, but I think where you’re is great also.

      I recalled playing hide and seek with my sisters underneath the stilt house also. The stilt house in Thailand that we used to live in looked very much like the house in this post from Laos, this one I took it whilst visiting Ban Dannavieng Elementary school.

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