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The Thai Scorpion Queen

A 39-year-old Thai woman, Kanchana Kaetkaew has set a new world record after spending 33 days and nights living with 5000 poisonous scorpions.

Prior to this, she has set a new world record by holding a poisonous scorpion in her mouth for 2 mins 1.8 secs before spitting it out.  She was handed the arachnid by her husband, who is known as the Centipede King, Bunthawee Siengwong, 31, who placed a centipede in her mouth.

If you recalled, she is the same person that got married 3 years ago on Valentine’s Day that I posted, Strange Wedding Ceremony, one of the seven couples that tied the knot at an odd and spooky wedding ceremony, that put on their wedding outfits and added Halloween make up to participate in a wedding they hoped would exorcise jinxes and help them to live in harmony, as one of the grooms said, “The wedding today represented the happy marriage like if we died we will die together,”.

Very strange wedding indeed, and I might add, very strange honeymoon (although not official) as well because the couple also lived with 1000 poisonous scorpions for 29 days, but happy to say that they are still together.

Strange Wedding, image from Koosang Koosom
Strange Wedding, image from Koosang Koosom

Thai Scorpion Queen, image from Koosang Koosom
Thai Scorpion Queen, image from Koosang Koosom
Thai Scorpion Queen, image from Koosang Koosom
Thai Scorpion Queen, image from Koosang Koosom

4 thoughts on “The Thai Scorpion Queen”

    1. Hi Penn, thanks for stopping by. I think it must be the thrill of daring the face of death, I would not be brave enough to do this. I wondered if you’ve been bitten so many times, your body eventually build an immunity to this.

  1. That is crazy! Thailand is going to top India with breaking the world record soon enough. JK.

    Scorpion Queen is pretty cute. Maybe all the scorpion venom is really a anti-wrinkle secret – like Botox. 🙂

    Yes, I remember that post about them. Corpse Bride & Groom – interesting & strange!

    1. Salat, she does look very young for her age, when I posted about her strange wedding, I didn’t know that much about her then, and didn’t pay attention to her age. If the scorpion venom is like Botox, no thanks, I’ll stick with my wrinkle cream. 🙂

      I think she likes stuff like this, she works at the snake farm and that’s where she met her husband. This is something that I couldn’t do also, I’m afraid of snake. She is one heck of a lady imo.

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