Danny Bunyavong at Target

My GI Joe sister called to ask if I’ve seen Danny’s picture at Target, she said that he has several pictures on display, the one that she saw is at the Target store in Upstate NY, in the home office section, she asked for me to go check it out.


It’s raining outside, I hope she likes seeing this picture, our Target store here is smaller than hers, and this is the only picture that I saw at the men section.

Updated photos on April 18, 2009, photographs by my GI Joe sister



I posted about Danny Bunyavong before, here are some of the pictures of his earlier work from Southern Bride Winter/Spring 2006 issue.





Images from Southern Bride are scanned from the magazine.


  1. Very nice! I will look out for his picture next time I’m at Target too.

    I can imagine how much fun it is to get to travel everywhere and just wear nice stuff – but of course, must be lots of hard work too!

    • Salat, I believed he went to CA for this photo shoot. From what my GI Joe sister told me, he recently went to FL to do a photo shoot for Abercrombie & Fitch, he is a part of their campaign for this year, it’s nice to see him doing stuff that he likes.

  2. I’ll be going to Target up here soon. Will keep an eye for the picture. Danny is moving up…Best wishes Danny.

    • One of my co-workers said the same thing, she said she couldn’t believe that I didn’t crop the image, I told her it’s a value pack. I think it looks nice like that. πŸ™‚

    • lady0fdarkness, he is very much like me, part Thai and Chinese also, to me he is Lao, our family are a big fan of his, and my GI Joe sister collects all his work, so we’ll be seeing more of him I’m sure.

  3. man he is hot!! I remember you posting about him a while back!! I dont shop at target but maybe I should just stop by to see his pictures. ehehe

  4. I went to middle school and high school with Danny. Not only is he good looking, he’s an amazing friend. I haven’t talked to him since graduation but I hope to get in contact with him soon. It’s good to see that he’s done so well in the modeling business.

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