Robin’s Nest

About a week ago I spotted a Robin’s nest next to my house.  This one is not as high as the one from last year, it’s only about 6 feet high.

Robin's nest

And today, she laid 3 eggs, so we’ll have 3 baby Robins in a week or so.

Robin's eggs

Updated 3/27/2009: Sad to say, I think our neighbor’s cat ate the Robin’s eggs, that was my most fear since the nest sat a bit low.

cracked Robin's egg


  1. that is so darn cool.

    I’m afraid birds, only cause I had a horrible experience as a child, but I definitely think they are beautiful. I have all kinds of birds coming to drink the water from my fountain. But you know, I’ve never seen a nest before. It looks so cozy and sturdy!

    • lady0fdarkness, I think the Robin’s nest is one of the prettiest that I’ve seen so far, both parents help each other to build the nest, and also feed their youngon until they’re old enough to fly, and even after that, I have seen they followed to feed their youngon after they left the nest, if I’ve to say so, they are a very caring bird.

  2. I am always drawn to a bird’s nest for some reason. And was very happy to see this picture of your Robin’s nest.

    I never knew that had such beautiful colors. Thought it was just to trick the kids on Easter. 🙂 Now I want a beaded necklace in this color.

    • Salat, when I first saw the picture of the Robin’s eggs at Flickr last year, I thought it was some sort of trick that people play, I didn’t realized that the eggs are really blue. She always lay 3 eggs, I don’t know if her babies are so big, and that’s all she could fit in her small nest. Last year, the nest was so high that I didn’t get to see the eggs.

      A beaded necklace in blue would look nice with spring or summer dress, or even with jeans and t-shirt.

  3. Oh no!!! How sad! WOw i didn’t know their eggs were blue! We have a bird nest on our rose bush at home too, but I’ve never seen any bird in it though.

    • mozemoua, it is such a beautiful nest, and now abandoned, I didn’t see her sit on the nest and that’s why I checked. If you see a bird sitting on her nest, then she is nesting, but rose bush is a bit low, not safe from the cat. 😦

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