A Frame and Wooden Trellis for my Small Garden

I’ve decided to use untreated wood for my A Frame, there are treated wood of the same sizes that are not a lot more expensive, but I was concerned for the chemical that they used to soak the wood, I don’t feel safe to let the cucumber vines climbing on it.  As for the wood to make the stand (legs), I used 2x2x8 Premium Furring Str that costs $1.87 each, cut into half, used 2 for A Frame.  The wood going across for the steps, I used 1x2x8 Premium Furring Str that costs $0.88 each, cut into 3 pieces, used 4 for A Frame so that I would have 6 steps for each side, a total cost of $7.26 for one A Frame.  The color seems awfully white, I thought of using food coloring to stain it.

A Frame

A Frame

Hopefully it’ll look like this in the summer.

Photo from Vegetable Gardening with Derek Fell book
Photo from 'Vegetable Gardening with Derek Fell' book

My dad used metal plates to connect the frame together, notice that I used 2 nails on the top step, and also on the bottom step, this is to prevent the A Frame from moving, I did it with one nail at first, and when my dad tried to connect them together, it was not sturdy and putting extra nail there seems to help.

A Frame

As for the trellis for my string beans, the one in the book I believed is treated wood, but when I got to Lowes, I decided to use untreated wood instead, the same concern as the A Frame, but this should last me several years.  I think I can get away with using treated wood since I’m growing English Ivy at the two ends, and middle where the wooden posts are.

Wooden Trellis

I used wire coil which is a bit harder to work with, I think you can use rope and that might work better and easier to work with.

Wooden Trellis

I can’t wait for things to start climbing up this trellis.

Photo from Vegetable Gardening with Derek Fell book
Photo from 'Vegetable Gardening with Derek Fell' book


  1. Nicely done. Again, done in one day I presume…Fast workers:))) But looking at your A-frame, I was thinking where’s the horizontal pieces (one on each side) that connect the two ends, so you can see the letter ‘A’ literally? It’s an upside down ‘V’ without that horizontal piece, and I think adding those pieces will make it even more sturdy…just a thought. Also, I would maybe plant something that like shade underneath the A-frame, a companion to cumcumbers…some small herbs or something, parsley or carrots! yeah:))

    So 2 or 3 A-frames will run along the picket fence? I can see plenty of cucumbers hanging off them already. How many beds did you make? I’m thinking 3-4 maybe? Have you decided what to plant in them? Sorry…lots of questions here. I should just wait and see…but I’m excited for what you have done, and I think that backyard will give you lots of exercise, freshair, good health, and your own vegetable to eat:)))

    Also, that wire work looks like it took some time, for it to be pretty straight. I was thinking of buying the already made ‘Redbrand Garden Wire’ from Lowes, but it’s pretty expensive. Still have lots to done on my end…Once again, a job well done to you and your dad, and other helpers. Take care.

    • Hi PaNoy, we had the A Frame cut and nailed on Thursday, but my dad came to put it together on Saturday. I was doing my A Frame just like the one in the book, but mine only has 6 steps and the one in the book has 7 steps, I think the A is from the front profile, and this is a more simpler design, easy to get underneath because there wouldn’t be any wooden pieces in between, that’s what I was going after. If you’re thinking about storing this away in the winter, you can use the door hinch to connect, but it’s more expensive, and you can fold it and put away. I was only able to fit 2 A Frames a long the fence, I’ve 3 total.

      As for the raised bed, I have 3, one for my herbs such as lemongrass, mint, parsley, sweet basil, and the other raised bed for lettuces and other vegetables. The last one might be flowers because it’s visible from the road. Since I’m a new gardener, I want to plant something that I’m familiar with, my dad always gave me Thai eggplants, and peppers to plant every year, and has several baby plants for me this year. If I really like this, then I’ve room to add 2 more raised beds next year. I’ve never planted carrot or beet before and might try this at the flower beds, I still have to read up on the planting part. The baby plants that my friend gave me didn’t quiet make it, 😦 I think they were planted too early and since they were inside, they didn’t get enough sunlight.

      The wire is hard to work with, my dad suggested that I use the already made one also, which is about $40 per roll, but this only cost me less than $7, I’ve a very small budget to work with, and I like the clean line look of the wire. So far everything is looking good, and I’m pleased of how things turned out. We still have some cold weather here, might be 2 more weeks before I start planting.

  2. That garden is going to look really nice and you’ll get plenty of love and joy from having done it. I think I got itchy fingers last week and may have planted too early. Let’s hope they’ll be ok:))

  3. Thanks PaNoy, it’s a lot of work right now, but it’s well worth it, I still have to work on the planting beds, I should have it done in time for planting.

  4. Wow Ginger, looks like you are making progress! congrats!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your garden once it is done and during the growing season~

    • I know I’ll be posting a lot about gardening this summer, my dad is doing something new to his garden this year also, he has raised beds now.

  5. I took the easy way out and bought the already made garden wire from Lowes’. Did not want to do all those stringing and looping of the wires, and I have at least 3-4 frames to do…for the long bean, cucumbers, snow peas and sugar snap peas. It will save some time since there’s so many things to do. Hopefully next week will be nice and sunny…happy planting:)

    • Hi PaNoy, I think the already made wires would look nicer than messy looking sticks if you’re after a cleaner look. As for me, I want a simple clean look since there are a lot of things going on in my little area already, so I don’t mind and have patience to work with the wire, I guess something I enjoy doing.

      It looks like I’d only be using 2 A Frames for the cucumber plants, and one for snow peas, I like to try growing something new this year. It has been raining a lot here also, hopefully it will clear up by next week.

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