Cambree Notes, One of the Most Inspiring Blogs

I think my inspiration of me wanting to create a garden in my backyard came from my relative in Thailand, and when I look more into it, I came across a blog that really stood out,, Cambree has so many inspiring ideas about small area garden, and her latest post, Backyard Retreats for Kids really captured what I was going for, I think there is a kid in all of us, I‘m hoping that this will be a place for me to sit and relax.

Of course, she is not all about gardening, but she also blogs about beauty, health and living, this I learned a lot from her. I think sometimes I take my good health for granted and not taking good care of myself, and knock on wood, I’ve been lucky so far, but that is something that I shouldn’t count on all the time.  I’m adding Cambree Notes to my blogroll for those that are interested in reading more about beauty, health and living.


I’ve been working hard in my garden, it’s coming along, but not quiet finish.  My dad has been helping me built the structures, I hope by summer, things will look nicer than this.

Walk way, and raised-beds

I got lucky on the bench, it came from my sister’s yard, free.  The tall structure in the background is a trellis for my string beans.  I’m growing English Ivy at the two ends and center, so that in the winter months when the string beans die, there will be some greenery there.  I still need to mulch the garden walkway, and fill the raised-beds with top soil.  Hopefully by the next 2 weeks, it’ll be warm enough for me to start planting.

My Garden

I also got lucky on the pot, my younger sister gave me two, they looked perfect at the entrance.

potted plants

bird house


  1. Wow! That’s turning out pretty nice. Very impressive:))) I like the beds. Are you removing some more dirt from them before filling in with top soils? I think some garden books recommended a foot of top soils so they will last many years.

    Very elegant design. It’s a start and I bet by next year you’ll be adding more stuffs. It looks like a very nice place to read and soak in the beauty of the outdoors, even if it’s simply in your own backyard.

    I’ve planted some peppers, tomatoes and 23 rolls of lemon grass yesterday…not sure what I’ll do with them, but they look nice when summer time gets around.

    And thanks for the link to

    • Hi PaNoy, It’s not complete yet, I’ve 3 A frame that’s partly put together, I just need to connect the top, trying to find the cheapest way to do it, and I’ll post for you in the next day or so of how much it costs to build one. My goal is to plant as many perennial plants as possible, my younger sister is giving me some, and also the border plants are evergreen, and I think it will add life to the garden during the winter months. It’s still a bit too cold to plant in our area, I’ll wait 2 more weeks before planting.

  2. Your garden is coming together very well. Looks like a very calming retreat already. I really like the stone path leading to the garden too. Having a bench is another great idea.

    I also notice some succulents in the pot. I’ve been collecting these plants over the years since they are so easy to grow and maintain. Plus they are not that expensive either.

    And thanks also for the link to Cambree Notes.

    • Salat, the succulent was a nice find at the flea market, it’s big but only cost me $5 and I believed it’s evergreen, so it would survive the winter months. I got the pots from my younger sister, they’re huge and she didn’t have a place or know what to do with them, but it works well here, and add height to my garden.

      Cambree Notes is a nice find also. 🙂

  3. wow.. beautiful garden.. it’s so green, considering that it was just snowing 2 weeks ago!

    • lady0fdarkness, the weather is a bit crazy lately, it was nice last week, and now it’s a bit chilly again, I think by summer, everything should look even greener.

  4. I am still very impress with how all that was done in about one week or so:)) And the bird house, very cute, I know what the bird will be drinking. I see the peach tree is to the right of the bench…so a book on the left hand and a peach on the right, reading and munching away. That’s priceless.

    • PaNoy, I had sometime off from work to work on this, it rained on Monday, but it was nice the rest of the week. The bench and peach tree are right across from the fish pond, and on the other side is a cart tray to put drinks and books, and a persimmon tree next to it. I still have to sew cushion for the bench. The bird house I found at the flea market for $15, very nicely built. I’ll post the overall picture for you when it’s complete.

  5. Hi Ginger,
    Thanks for all the kind words!

    Your garden is lovely. I can’t wait to see how nice and green it will be this summer. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, thanks for your visit, and you’re welcome.

      My garden is coming together nicely. It’s very serene back there, and thanks to you for posting so many inspiring posts about backyard gardening that gave me a sense of direction of what I’m looking for. I started planting some of my herbs now, I’ll post some pictures in a couple of weeks. 🙂

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