A Wooden, Tripods or Trellises for a Small Garden

Peach flower

It has been raining some lately, that’s a good sign for gardeners since the ground will be softer and easier to dig, I know it’d be for me.  In the last week or so, it appears that we’ve pollen rain, it is especially bad for those with allergy, even though it doesn’t bother me much, but I could feel it in the air, and this spring rain helps wash away the pollen dust in the air.

The plan for my garden is coming along, I checked out more books from the library, this time some about the water garden, the librarian asked me if I want to join the pond society, I was a bit amused by her eagerness to tell me more about it.  I’ve a very small area to work with, and one of the vegetables that I like to grow is cucumber but was concerned about not being able to plant many since I have a small area.  My dad planted several last year, but it took up a large area and crawled everywhere, also the cucumbers lay on top of the dirt and grass, this can absorb all kinds of disease from the ground, this was one of my main concern.

One of the books that I checked out was ‘Vegetable Gardening with Derek Fell’ and I thought this is a unique way of growing cucumbers or squash or anything that can climb.  Below is a picture of A wooden, or A-frame trellis which helps support disease resistant cucumbers.  This is ideal for a small garden, it seems easy enough that I can do this myself.

A wooden frame
Photo from 'Vegetable Gardening with Derek Fell' book

As for the string beans, my dad’s trellis works well for him, but his is made out of a metal frame.

I’m thinking of doing something similar, but would use wood instead, and found a nice picture of trellises that support vegetables such as string (or pole) beans, tall peas, and even cucumbers.  These vegetables can climb up by themselves, you don’t have to assist them by tying them to the pole or anything like that, and growing plants up would allow me to make the most of my tiny area.

Photo from 'Vegetable Gardening with Derek Fell' book

The next week or so will be a lot of ground work for me, my younger sister and dad are giving me some of their perennial plants, this will save me a lot of money since I don’t have to buy, and it’s great that they come up every year.


  1. The A-frame trellis looks really nice. I can see you putting two of them up against the wooden fence for cucumbers. Planting flowers between them will help to attract bees for pollination.

    My mom uses bamboo for the cucumber vines to climb up, but this method is messy to take down in the falls. I can see how the A-frame has a better architectural appeal and can be left year round. I’ll have to work this structure into my garden.

    Thank goodness for the rain. Maybe there’ll be less pollen now so I can get my hands dirty again…and no more cold front. Thanks for sharing.

    • PaNoy, next to the fence sounds like a good idea, if it doesn’t work, then I can always move them around.

      If you’ve a large garden, you can do some for climbing evergreen vines also, this way your garden wouldn’t look so bare in the winter time. I think most vegetable gardens are flat, this would add some height and interest.

  2. Anytime that you can save time by leaving something up year round sounds like a plan to me. Plus you don’t have to accommodate for any winter storage either.

    • Bob, I also like the fact that you can leave it outside all year round, and if you want a change of scenery, you can move it around.

  3. I didn’t look at that first picture carefully, but it’s a peach flower. WOW! That’s a hardy tree, considering it’s been in the garage for almost a year. I think we should get over a hundred or so fruits from our peach tree this year, and the plum tree as well…keeping my fingers cross for no more frost.

    Do you know the type of timber to use for the A-frame? Be careful of timber or wood that’s treated with chemicals, they may leak and get absorb by the plants. Let me know what you find. I want to make that A-frames for my garden as well.

    • PaNoy, it’s the peach flower, I finally planted it last week, but it had been in a pot sitting outside for a year, I didn’t think it’d make it at first, but it looks very healthy now, thanks to the person that gave it to us.

      I spoke to my dad and he thinks that we should use normal wood for A-frame, same reason as what you said, treated wood are soaked in chemical for a long period, and might not be ideal for A-frame to grow vegetables, but I think okay for climbing evergreen vines. I also plan to have a raised-box garden, this, I plan to use deck lumber, it’s treated, but I think it should be okay since it’s outside.

    • lady0fdarkness, I hope to be able to grow something eatable this year, if my garden is not a success, I could always take pictures of my dad’s garden. 🙂

  4. Those are good ideas for climbing plants. I’ve never seen or heard of such a thing until now.

    Will it be supporting both your squash and cucumber plant? My mom has been successful in the past with cucumbers, but not so with long beans.

    I think the cucumber touching the ground is OK unlike strawberries or tomatoes. Cucumbers usually having tougher skin and possibly better protection. I would be more concern with the amount of lead there is in the ground, especially in older homes. But I don’t think you have this problem. 🙂

    • Hi Salat, I’m not much of a squash person, but I do like cucumber, and I plan to make about 3 A frame, just bought the wood today. My dad’s cucumbers did real well last year, but those that sat on the ground too long had insect bites on them.

      I’m not too concern about lead either, but more concern that things won’t grow since I’m a new gardener, still lots of work to do. 🙂

  5. I wanted to make my own flower garden, but then, I could never make time for anything. Even during my spring break I was also busy and with the next school quarter, I’ll be even busier than ever with no days off what so ever. Gosh. But then I hope maybe one day I can make time for a garden.

    • mozemoua, maybe when you’re done with schooling you’ll have more time. My mom and dad always kept a garden as long as I could remember and I think it’s nice to be working outside, many of us have the Internet life style this day and age. One thing that I’m looking forward to is not having to buy tomatoes, they are wickedly expensive.

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