Spring Flowering Tree

I’m happy that last week snow didn’t kill the buds of the flower tree, the Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom today.

Bradford Pear Trees

Bradford Pear Trees

Bradford Pear Tree flower

I believed this is a Peach tree, a friend gave this to us last year, but I didn’t have a chance or place to plant it.  I’m kind of surprised that it is still alive, it’s also in full bloom today.  I finally planted it in my little fenced in area.

Peach Tree flower

I didn’t take down the Robin’s nest from last year, and was hoping that it’d come back again in late summer for their second round of nesting, but it never did.  This year, I believed this is a Finch bird, I took this picture from the inside of my house.

finch bird

And when I went outside to have a closer look, it flew off to a nearby Bradford Pear tree, this one the flower is brownish looking.

finch bird

My fish are doing well, since it’s nice and warm, they come up to the surface more and there are many new baby fish. I need to re pot my lily plants, and also change out the water of the pond.

fish pond


  1. Spring is in the air! I look forward to this time of year, especially with more sunshine.

    I didn’t realize you had so much fishes in the pond. Have you ever consider putting in a turtle? Actually not a good idea. The turtle may eat the baby fishes and all your water lily roots.

    We used to have a Red-Ear Slider turtle and he would love eating the lily roots and our mosquito eating fishes. The lily, turtle, and fishes didn’t last too long after that. Now it’s become an Aloe Vera garden. Less maintenance! But I do miss having a pond. In the meantime, I can always look at your photos. 🙂

    • Salat, my co-worker and my neighbor gave me their fish after they decided to cover up their pond, so now I have many and the new babies on top of it, it’s a full house.

      I like Aloe Vera plant, it looks nice but I don’t know if it’d stand the cold weather in our area, so I plan to plant them in pots, and bring them inside when it gets too cold.

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