Spring Up…Daylight Saving Time Change This Weekend

French decimal clock from the time of the French Revolution
French decimal clock from the time of the French Revolution

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Don’t forget that daylight saving time change is this weekend, on Sunday March 8th, at  2:00 AM, make sure to move your clock forward 1 hour, which means you will loose an hour of sleep.

It feels like spring is finally here, but not official, and not all were destroyed by the previous snow storm, here are some photos of spring flowers that look very much alive, but for others, this might be a nightmare because of the high pollen count…Allergy season begins.

Spring yellow flowers are everywhere.

Spring yellow flowers

And from my younger sister’s garden, a Purple Magnolia.

Purple Magnolia

Remember these Bradford pear trees picture that I took last year?


And this is what it looks like today, seems awful from a distance.

Bradford pear trees

But not too bad close-up, so there is still hope.

Bradford pear

My dad’s flower tree looks real nice.

flower tree

Flower tree

Lastly, freshly cut orchid from Laos for orchid lovers out there.


It is almost a full moon tonight.

Night shot


  1. Yeah:((( Allergy! Running nose, constant sneezing and watering eyes…NOoooo! Those guys just will not stop running. Time for the good old claritin or zyrtec.

    Does anyone remember having or seeing people with allergy while growing up in Laos? Is this the price of an ‘Industrialized Society?” Or is it (somehow) a conspiracy by the drug companies?

    I love to plant though, so will be out there playing in the dirt…maybe this is what it’ll take to combat seasonal allergy: “fight fire with fire.”

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. My fruit trees are beginning to bud as well.

    • Hi PaNoy, I don’t have any problem with allergy, but I can tell that it’s bad for most people. Your garden seems like it will look very pretty this year, if you’d email me your picture, I can post it here to share with everyone.

      We don’t (or didn’t) have much problem in Laos because I believed our body components are made from and for that area, so we adapted to nature well, just like eating food from nature from where you were born promote good health.

      I’ve seen kids in Laos with running nose, and that might be allergy there but most don’t go to the doctor for any medication, and it eventually goes away.

  2. I didn’t know about the DST thingie but I sure do know that your flowers (or tree) looks like the Spring is here, unlike in the most part of HK, we feel seemed as though winter is having the hang of it. We are experiencing this wet-cold and it make me sick to the bone *chuckles*.

    Nice photos, Ginger specially the neighborhoodness in your area.

    • Hi K, I don’t seem to take much picture of my own neighborhood, never feel comfortable doing so, but the surrounding area is not bad either.

      We don’t have much rain here, and I’m afraid that we might be heading for another drought again this year, which means we’ll be on water restriction again.

      I’m up an hour early today, I’m feeling it right now, and can tell you that you don’t want the DST.

    • Hi giiid, your Summer starts a bit early, our Spring starts March 20th, and first day of Summer is June 21st, and here I’ve not seem much of your spring picture, and summer is coming already but I think you’re ready for summer since it has been so cold and rainy there lately.

  3. 🙂 oh, I see, but this name “summertime” has nothing to to with summer time…except fo the fact that the winter has enden. A better name could be: “end of winter” time 🙂
    We will wait patiently from 1.3 to see spring comming, and around 1 of june, hopefully se the sun by then, as the summer officially starts at that date.

    • giiid thanks for explaining this to me, it’d be very confusing for those that only known summertime as in the hot summer months such as myself. From reading your posts, I know you’re ready for a nicer weather, the sun and the spring flowers, I’m looking forward to seeing that also. 🙂

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