Dannavieng Elementary School Update

When I visited Dannavieng Elementary school in November 20, 2008, I didn’t get to meet the superintendent of the school. After I came back, Darly informed me that she will get me the receipt, something that I needed to provide for Friends of the NLL, also known as my coworkers that had helped supported the school project. Below are the receipt and photos taken by Darly’s Aunt, Aunt Kian. When I was there, they talked about putting up a new name, and now it is up. The school is now named after the village, Ban Dong Yang Elementary School.






    • lady0fdarkness, it looks like they had a celebration when the new school name went up, but too bad the school is not completed at the same time, that would have been nice.

  1. wow thats alot of money! you guys want to start a charity for me too? maybe to help me buy some good lens? ehehe.

    • mozemoua, it seems like it’s a lot of money, and Laocook.com also donated 400 Euros, and even this, it is not enough to help complete the school, they still need $2000 or more for the flooring. There is no funding available, and the villagers would have to come up with he rest of the money.

      As for you my friend, my suggestion is to put in a paypal donation button at your blog, it seems to work for some people, just an idea. 😉

  2. More needs to be done, but this is a good start.

    It’s great to know that there are still people out there who want to help, especially the Friends of the NLL. 🙂

    • As for the Friends of the NLL, a little bit of here and there adds up, and I’m glad that they’re very supportive of the school project and the Books Box.

  3. Ginger–Good idea, maybe I should try putting up a paypal account and get donation for a new lens. ehehe

    How much does 400 euros convert to in us dollars?

  4. mozemoua, I think at the time, 400 Euros was about $500. As for the Paypal donation button, I think many young travel photographers or writers have that so that their family can give them money.

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