1. That’s a lot of snow. Wow! Makes me think of the joke: “What’s the difference between a snowman and a snow-woman?” I’ll leave it to the guys to answer. Enjoy the snow.

  2. Hi PaNoy, I guess you didn’t get much snow. I’ve never heard of the snow(wo)man joke before, is snow angel involved here?

  3. This is a peaceful scene. The contrast of the red bridge with the white snow looks nice too.

    Snowballs! I heard they hurt when you get hit by one, especially in the face. But I wouldn’t know, never had the chance to be in one. 🙂

    • Hi Salat, it does hurt when you get hit in the face, but lots of fun, and sometimes it’s so cold that your face feels kind of numb so the cold helps some.

  4. The snowball that hurt the most is one with rock in the middle. We have kids (mean kids) in my old neighborhood who would do something like that and laugh about it…and yeah, those snowballs can travel further as well.

    Ahh…those wonder years of carefree and careless, and worry-free days…where did they all disappear to?

  5. We built an igloo one time (in 1987 I think) and spent an entire day doing it. It was pretty big because we can stand inside afterward. What fun! I wish we have that much snow so I can relive it all again:))

    • PaNoy, snow in NYC is real pretty, sometimes we get as much as 2 feet, but that didn’t stop us from going to work, the hardest part was trying to clear the sidewalk in front of your house, we had to wake up at 4 am, then when we get back home, it’s all there again, I think my dad got tired and that’s why we moved south, it is not bad here at all, it’s actually nice to see snow.

      As for rock snowball we had that in NYC also, they would throw it to the oncoming bus, kind of dangerous but they didn’t care. I think it’s fun being a kid when it snows. 🙂

  6. it reminds me of chronicles of narnia, the first movie. it’s pretty. I live on east coast NC and i was surprised we got snow too!

  7. Wow Ginger, I have not followed your blog for a while (neither have I read much lately). Been real busy making the most of a good year and I’ve recently become a freelance newspaper columnist and photojournalist on top of juggling my usual photography clients. SNOW, when we will ever get some here in the tropics other than in Snow City in Singapore!

    • Hi Jan, it’s kind of nice to have snow, but it’s bad that it came so late and the frost damaged most of the flower tree buds, and early spring flowers, most flower trees are brownish looking now. But it came and gone so fast, it’s real nice and cool outside today.

  8. Nye, those are some awesome pictures! ilove the sunset in the background! shoot we didnt even get any sunset..

    • mozemoua, it started to snow on Sunday, and we didn’t get the sunset either, very gloomy, but these pictures were taken on Monday at 6:45 AM, a very beautiful sunrise.

  9. Ginger, I knew I didn’t have to go to work and because school was cancel i dicided to stay in bed late so I wasn’t able to see if there was any nice sunrise although we did have a good amount of sun.

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