Vietnam Cambodja Laos Panoramic views

Video and description by Francis Van Kerckhoven. Vietnam Cambodja Laos Panoramic views.  Camera Canon D40.  Panoramic pictures are made by joining different photos together (Photoshop CS4 and Ptgui) I use two photos up to more as 10 photos depending of the size of the panorama. The result is one large picture.


  1. High Nya,
    Still one problem, the Show toolbar does not appear in the Video, a bug from Vimeo
    Please include the text on top of the Video:
    “Full Screen: Click 2 X on the screen”
    I hope they fix it soon
    Best regards

    • Thanks Francis for getting this to work again, I greatly appreciated that you allowed me to show your videos at my blog.

      As for bigger (full) screen, I think it is fine as is, there are many features that free WordPress version like this one can’t accommodate, I can’t post it bigger screen here even though vimeo has the feature for me to do so. Thanks again for working on this.

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