Beauty Spa Offers a Snake Massage

Just looking at this picture makes my nerves tie into little knots.

Snake Massage, Photo: GETTY IMAGES

I’m not a spa person, but I’m sure it’d be something that I would enjoy, but Spa and a snake massage, I’m just not so sure.  I have fear of snake, and this treatment consists of six non-venomous snakes massaging the client’s aching muscles and joints, I don’t think I can survive the treatment.

Ada Barak’s snake spa is in Talmei Elazar, northern Israel, uses California and Florida king snakes, corn snakes and milk snakes for the massages, which cost £40 ($70).  Some people find that physical contact with the reptiles can be a relaxing experience, and also stress relieving.  This might be something for you, please read more here.


  1. That is just lovely:)) What’s next? Wait! They’re missing the Boa Constrictor & the mighty Anaconda…sure to take all the pain and stress away. LOL

  2. PaNoy, it is just not my thing, but I’m sure there are many out there that would love this treatment, maybe you’d like to try. 🙂

    Dallas, let’s just hope that the panoy are not the parina fish, then you’re in big trouble. 😛

  3. oh my word… long limbless animals are as scary as a wet and pokey rat for me.

    No spa for me either.

  4. Eeeeyyy wott?? A snake massage. Ewww with these reptiles.

    No way, this is going to tingle my body, hahaha. Interesting yet weird. Maybe it’s their skin that does that?

  5. K, I thought it is kind of weird also, I wonder what type of person would like this, I think the massage part is when the reptiles hug your body, definitely not for me.

    • Hello Lausanne Massage, thanks for your visit and the link, this would be good for those that are visiting Lausanne, Switzerland.

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