Valentine’s Day is not what it used to be…


I was listening to the radio yesterday, and one of the callers called in to express of what she wants for Valentine’s day.  I couldn’t help but laugh, it’s a simple fact of life that with the US downward economic spiral, people aren’t as romantic as they used to be, and this lady wants her bills to be paid, she would find this very romantic.

Then the question is, how do you do this in a romantic way, ideas were discussed and the best one seems to be that he’d write a poem as to how much the roses, chocolate, romantic dinner, etc. would have cost him, and just write her a check for that amount, for some lady, this would be very romantic.

And for a lady, if you want your bills to be paid and be creative about it, you can put your bills in a romantic heart shape gift box, which ever bill he chooses, then it’d be the one that he’d have to pay  (I still don‘t see how this would be a valentine‘s gift to a guy.)  Then one of the talk show hosts suggested for her to write the exact same one in the box, such as all rent, all house payment or all car payment, then what ever he chooses (all the same) then it’d be the one that he’d have to pay, it’s like, he pulls out the house payment, then you’d say, “oh how sweet” lol.  Let’s just hope that if you decided to go with this route, you’d come up with something more romantic than this.

Many companies are cutting back, and I’m sure by the end of the first quarter, many will find themselves in the unemployment line.  I think having a vehicle means having your freedom, especially if you live in a suburb like me where there is no public transportation.  Many people fear that they might loose their job, and can’t make their car payment, and I can’t say that the car repossession people are very kind and understanding, so many people are finding a solution to this problem, and might seem like an ignorant idea at face value.

My younger sister was telling me that many of her co-workers are paying their car off with credit cards, I thought to myself, that’s crazy.  She said that she thought the same thing, but they said that if they were to loose their job, then they would not have a car to drive, but if they paid off with credit card, it is an unsecured debt, and the credit card people would not come to repossess their car, and all they’ve to do is to make the minimum payment until things turn around.  Of course, these are simple folks, but I’m impressed that they’re thinking in advance and fixed the potential problem before it becomes a problem, but to me by doing this they might create more problems in the future, but life is full of problems for us to solve, what fun is it when there is none.  In a normal situation and circumstances, I would say that this is a bad idea and not recommend this to anyone, but in this case, not bad at all.

I hope I didn’t kill the mood for anyone, I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂


  1. This year will be the best Valentine for me. We’re going to Disney magic kingdom then off to a lobster feast. 😀

    Happy Valentine to you too!

  2. Like a friend said to me, “feck recession, we will celebrate”.

    I’m single so I do not wish to celebrate it. If someone asked for a glass of RED, why not?

    Well, enjoy yours.

  3. lady0fdarkness, sounds like lots of fun, don’t forget to take lots of picture to share.

    K, thanks, for some of us it is just another day, but I’m sure the florists and the restaurants love this day and wish that everyday is Valentine’s day, it is good for the economy, and lovers out there.

  4. Your post was -as always- both interesting and informative. Like you, I can´t imagine how a bill, even in a romantic box,- could possibly make anyone smile…
    Happy Valentine to you.

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