A Lao Birthday Party

I attended a birthday party on Sunday and have some food photos to share, a birthday cake that appears to be a valentine’s theme, red and pink kissing lips.

Birthday cake

I went for the desert first.



Then the spicy papaya salad, also known as Tum Mak Houng

Tum Mak Houng

Tum Mak Houng

Grilled chicken with Lao spices and herbs.

grilled chicken

Then Lao famous Larp, which is a spicy Lao beef chicken dish.

Larb beef

Updated 2/16/2009, I guess it’d not be completed without the Lao sticky rice, and here it is, the biggest sticky rice basket ever.

Sticky rice basket


  1. YUMMM!!! Thanks so much for sharing Ginger. It must had been an all out birthday party. Normally for the Hmong people, they normally make Kong Pong BBQ and papaya or somthing along that line.

  2. Dallas, I ate it and thought beef the whole time. lol, now after looking at the picture, it has chicken gizzard in it, it looks more like Larp chicken than Larp beef, thanks for the correction, I’ve made a correction on my post.

    lady0fdarkness and mozemoua, it’s a birthday party of the little girl that I took her picture to Laos for her great-grandfather to see, she just turned 7, the bad thing about her birthday party was that they always combined it with the Superbowl party, but they did the birthday early this year at 3 pm, so it’s not so bad. There was actually more food, I think Lao people just like to eat. 🙂

  3. I would go for the desert too. Especially the one topped with shredded coconuts. My mom use to make them on holidays. I have not had them in a long time! Yummy 🙂

  4. Why desert first? Isn’t that weird?

    I wanna try that Larp, very authentic. It looks similar from the one I ordered last night, where you actually put the grind beef filling wrap in a gabbage.

  5. Salat, they’ve the sesame sugar to sprinkle on top of the desert that you’re talking about, I almost forgot about it, I don’t think it’d taste good plain, but might be okay if you have it with coffee. It’s one of my favorites desert.

    K, I guess saving the best for last doesn’t apply here, desert first so I can eat all my favorite deserts, I often get too full if I eat the meal first. But I only do it at party like this because they’ve so much food.
    The Larp dish is a bit spicy, you could probably find it in a Thai restaurant. We also eat this with vegetables such as lettuce or cucumber.

  6. Yum, Lao deserts! Surprised not to see any sticky rice photos (though I’m 100% sure they were there), or at least the bamboo baskets of ’em.

  7. Hi Will, I guess it’d not be a complete Lao meal without the sticky rice, and you’re 100% correct, it was there and I took a picture of it. I updated the photo to include the sticky rice basket, thanks. 🙂

  8. It’s definately still popular where I am. Or maybe it’s just me and my family (including cousins/aunts/uncles etc on my mums’ side, even my cousins’ little kids have their own little sticky rice baskets! Really cute watching them eat from it hehehe).

    There’s nothing better than eating from a basket of sticky rice and mashed up boiled eggs seasoned with soy sauce and cracked pepper. Or with anything really (especially mangoes).

    Oh, our annual family road trip usually involves a basket of sticky rice and corn chips. (As well as several other items packed into tofu boxes for “dipping” our sticky rice into. All Vegetarian of course though! – And yes, my whole family are Vegetarians)

  9. Will, I think it’s easy to pack sticky rice when you’re on a road trip. Our family also have our annual road trip to visit my mom’s monument, but we’re not a vegetarian, so we packed everything, my dad would make beef jerky for the road, it’s easy to eat with sticky rice, and we always have hot sauce for dipping.

    In the US, we’ve nice rest area along the high way, where there are picnic tables and we’d bring our papaya to make our papaya salad (Tum Makk Houng) as well, and it seems that we packed our whole kitchen with us, but it’s lots of fun to travel like that with lots of people, my sisters and their families would come down to meet us at my dad‘s house, then we would all head out together, I’m looking forward to this year.

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