Good Morning From Luang Prabang With Love – Part I

Video and written by ArnuShawn,  it is amazing how Luang Prabang can stand still in time for over three decades. While every city in the world has charting ahead toward building a new and modern city, every tile and brick on the root top and the wall in Luang Prabang still is the original form. Not quite sure whether this is a good or bad thing for the town. For the people who grew up here and migrated to other country, there is no doubt how delightful is it to see the whole town still exactly the same, since their last farewell years ago. On the other hand, the feeling and the atmosphere are somehow just not the same anymore. Luang Prabang now is much more active than what was used to be – tranquility. The streets are filled with tourist, shops, and Tuk-Tuk. Even at night, the fear of spooky ghost that is waiting in the dark tall trees to haunt you is totally shinning away by the bright street light.

If you are from Luang Prabang, this one is especially for you. Hopefully, you get younger for a moment while seeing and hearing what this town used to be – the typical morning with the mist hugging the mountains and the harmony music singing by the birds and the roosters (and the gecko too if you listen carefully). Fortunately, those still remain unchange, but you have to wake up really early though. For people from other part of the world who plan to visit this ancient World Heritage site, come and experience the beauty and charming of what Luang Prabang has to offer.

Good morning to all of you, from Luang Prabang with all the loves. Enjoy!!!


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