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Year of the Ox 2009

Sometimes I get confused of what I am, but when it comes to a celebration, I always take part when there is food involved, so the next celebration is January 26, 2009, a Chinese New Year, as Chinese people would say their new year wishes, Gung Hay Fat Choy.

I’m not celebrating Chinese New Year just because of the food, but my dad is half Chinese, and we’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year as long as I could remember.  As for this coming new year, I am sure I’m like many others that hope to see a calmer market this coming year than last year, which according to Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo,  “This year of the Ox is an ‘earth’ year, when people will take a breather and reflect on what they should do after a turbulent 2008…Earth is the calmest of the elements and this year is a “yin earth” year as well as an Ox year, symbolizing a more feminine energy…The Year of the Ox, which starts on January 26, will be the most peaceful year globally since 2000.” Read the rest of the article Feng shui masters see calmer markets in Year of the Ox.

Something to look forward to, as for the year of the Ox, I have some photos to share, I’m hoping that someone could tell me what kind it is.  After asking around, a friend told me that it is a Brahma, this bovine species came from India to the rest of the world. Brahman are mainly used for breeding and meat and is crossbred often for great results. The Brahman has a very distinct hump extending over the shoulder and neck and large floppy ears. Another distinction is the loose flap of skin which hangs form the neck, called a dewlap. The hump, skin flap and huge ears all serve to withstand hot Texas summers better than other cattle. Brahman are a smart, yet stubborn breed. Typical bulls weigh from 1600 to 2100lbs. (Source)

So, this would be a perfect breed to crossbreed with Lao cow, and if it can stands the hot Texas summers, than it can definitely withstand the hot tropical weather in Laos. These oxen Brahman belong to my relatives that live in Pakse, they seem to be bigger than your average Lao ox (cow), and they’re male breeder, imported from oversea, I think they’re beautiful.




I think they stood at least 5 feet 5 inches tall, see in comparison to the back of a pickup truck, a Toyota Hilux Vigo.


Below is a photo of your typical Lao/Thai cow that is a lot small than the Brahman, but after they breed these 2 together, then they should get a decent size cow.


Happy Chinese New Year…May Prosperity Be With You.

6 thoughts on “Year of the Ox 2009”

  1. It’s my year this year. I was born on the year of the ox so I am hoping that this year will be great and much better than the last few years. Thanks for the article, i’ll read it when i find the chance to.

  2. A little late, but Happy Chinese New Year! I think my mom was born in the year of the Ox too.

    Those Brahma are very pretty, especially those eyes. It would be hard to eat one of these after looking into their eyes. 🙂

  3. Thanks Salat, I made spring rolls and spicy papaya salad for our family get together this year, the only 2 things that I’m good at. I’ve many sisters, so one of them was born in the year of the Ox as well.

    These Brahman love to eat bananas, and the owner stopped by the market along side of the road to purchase the bananas, they smell so good in the car but I didn’t dare ask to have some, lol.

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