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The New Sim at Wat Chan

Wat Chan

I visited Wat Chan on December 3, 2008 and the new sim is not completed yet, might be completed by Lao New Year at the earliest, if not then it should be completed in time for the 25th SEA Games that Laos is hosting in December 2009.

new sim at Wat Chan

new sim at Wat Chan

new sim at Wat Chan

new sim at Wat Chan new sim at Wat Chan

Wat Chan, also known as Wat Chanthaburi was built in 1529 by the Chao Muang of Chanthaburi, one Chao Phra Nya Chanthaburi Sri Thammathailot. It was destroyed during the Siamese invasion of 1828, the temple was reconstructed several times, most recently in 1900-1910. Between 1932 and 1936 a School of Arts was established here by Uparat Prince Phetsarath with a view to raising the standard of craftsmanship amongst the Buddhist sangha. Wat Chan is noteworthy for the carved wooden panels on the exterior of the sim and for its colossal 16th-century bronze seated Buddha image.  (Source)

Wat Chan

wat chan

Wat Chan

Wat Chan

Wat Chan

Naga at Wat Chan

Naga at Wat Chan

Buddha with Naga cover

Naga at Wat Chan

Wat Chan

I’m a dog person, and it’s unheard of that a dog would bark at me, but whilst I was taking picture of this Bodhi tree and the spirit house, a dog was barking, then bared his teeth and growling at me.  I thought if I stood still for a bit, it might go away, but the longer I stay, the aggressive he got, then his friends joined in.  Of course, I then took off running, thinking back now, their barks don’t bother me, but if they started to howling, then it really would.

Bodhi tree

spirit house

Buddha Statues

Drum towel at Wat Chan

Monuments at Wat Chan

10 thoughts on “The New Sim at Wat Chan”

  1. I read somewhere that this wat is known for gang of stray dog. I think that was just one person account. I can’t recall where I read about it now. I am glad you did not get hurt.

    So much histories there. Do you recall any indication on the temple when it was built and other histories behind it while you were there?

    It must be close to a residential or business area. I think I see a high rise on the background on the 8th picture.

  2. Dallas, I don’t know much about the temple, I thought it has something to do with the boat race, and thought the Vientiane Boat race festival would be in front of the temple since Wat Chan is by the Mekong River, but it doesn’t appear that way because the water is very shallow in this area (I need to look more into this)

    I believed the building in back is a hotel, but not certain. Across the street from Wat Chan is the Mekong River, and this is where my dad and I had our dinner. It’s very festive by the Mekong at night, lots of tuk tuk, and tourists in the area.

  3. Maybe you went on the wrong date or the water is too shallow to have the race there now.

    If you walk along from Wat Chan (opposite direction from the Hotel) there use to be a small market around there but that was 30 years ago. Maybe it is close down now.
    There was a boat racing festival there. I remember vaguely standing by this market looking toward the Mekong to watch the race. They race on the Lao side of Don Chan. The water use to be high enough for them to do this. It was still high back in 2007 for them to race. I remember seeing pictures of it at LV site plus from a video of it from my friends that were there.

  4. dogs i met there had names & were pretty well-behaved & groomed, but don’t know if the novice monk who cared for them still lives there now. that novice was the one who was lifted up (by a crane) together with the green Buddha statue (fourth photo) to install it there around August 2007. the monks said that most of the construction work was being done by them, that’s why it’s so slow (they have to attend classes, other duties, etc). IIRC they said the new hall was designed by their abbot.

    building in background is Lao Orchid Hotel.

  5. Dallas, I do need to look more into this, I knew I’ve seen or read somewhere before about the boat race by Wat Chan.

    lm, I’m not sure if the dogs belong to the temple because I was standing near the gate, and the dogs were right by the gate of the temple. And thanks for the additional information, as you can see that I’m not from that Area, and my dad lived in Vientiane for 10 years, but that was before I was born, and even he can’t remember much about the area because things have changed tremendously. I’m extremely impressed with the design of the temple, and hope to go back and see it again one day.

    lady0fdarkness, I didn’t get to take many picture of people, mostly here and there. I do wish that I had more time, but next time, I’ll be more prepared.

  6. am not from that area (or even that country) 😛 didn’t know how the construction was coming along as didn’t get to pop by Wat Chan last year, so thanks for the great photo update!

  7. just happened to visit at the right time (week of Khao Phansa 2007), & the monks told me everything. & met 3 huge dogs inside!

  8. lm, I hope the next time we get to visit Wat Chan, it’ll be completed. I think in comparison to the old sim, this one stood out more, very beautiful detail.

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