Lao Art- Original Painting on Various Mediums

Video by salalao of Lao Artist such as: Marc Leguay, May Chandavong, Kongphat Luangrath, P Noy, Anousa P, Mongkham Bualavanh, Khamsouk Keomingmuang,Mick Saylom, Anoulom Souvandouane, and Sorasinh Bannavong


  1. Hi, Nye!

    Those are some very nice painting. I wouldn’t mind owning some of them if I can afford them.
    I am guessing here but these artists are in Laos?

  2. Beautiful paintings, very nice collections..

    Thanks for finding the site to share with us. Hope oneday these collections end up in lao museum, if there is one..

    I was at one of the run down building in Vientiane- they call museum. it was nothing but bunches of old photos from the war -boring and very depressing. People who work there doesn’t seem to kown much about the collections and many of the english words are missed spell and bad grammas.

  3. Dallas, it appears that salalao has a good eye for these fine arts, I’d love to see these collection in person.

    Hi Lonely buffalo, I like your name and thanks for the visit. I also went by the War Museum but it was closed for lunch, so I never did get a chance to see the inside. As for these collection, salalao came across them during her traveling to different provinces in Laos, but she said don’t look for them in TalatSao (Morning Market). I need to be on the look out for these the next time I’m in Laos.

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