At Night by the Mekong River

The most that I could remember from my childhood memory was the evening bath in the Mekong River near Parkse area.  These photos are in Vientiane at Don Chan Beach.

Mekong at Night

We were staying at Paksan with my aunt the night of our Baci Ceremony, and was thinking about staying there for another night before heading down to Parkse via a local bus.  My uncle from France called me that night, and said that he wanted us to stay in Vientiane for at least one night because he wanted my dad to see the Mekong River at night time, so we packed our bags and headed to Vientiane the next morning.

We stayed at a hotel that is only a block away from the Mekong River.  It was recommended to us by my uncle in France and it costs $20 per night.  The hotel is not that small, but I‘m not impressed with the place, so I won’t mention the name of the hotel.  It is in the heart of the tourist area in Vientiane, there are many restaurants that serve foreigner’s food, such as pizza and Italian food, but also many that serve the local food as well.  The area is packed with guest houses, and internet cafes.  The best part about the area is that it’s within a walking distance to TalatSao (morning market), That Dum, VTE Water Fountain, many temples, and Patuxay Monument.

I do have to admit that the Mekong River is very pretty at night, the beach is packed with food vendors, and local bars and restaurants.  My uncle advised us not to eat there because he thinks it’s too dusty, but when we got there, everything looked so good that we decided to have our dinner there.

Food Vendor

Food Vendor

Food Vendor

Our meal was simple, we had spicy papaya salad, grilled fish, ping kai (grilled chicken), and sticky rice, overlooking the Mekong River.

spicy papaya salad

grilled fish

Ping Gai

More local vendors.

food vendor

local vendor

Local vendor

My dad and I were intrigued by this local garden, the gardener lives nearby and she grows these vegetables for personal consumption.  She gets the water from the Mekong River to water her garden.

Mekong garden

Mekong garden

Mekong Garden

Some local bars and restaurants have pillows and cushions by the beach, some are little huts, and others overlooking the Mekong River.

Local Restaurant

Local restaurant

Local Restaurants

Local Restaurant

Local Restaurant

The view of the sunset is absolutely beautiful.

Mekong at Night

Mekong at Night

Mekong at night


  1. Those are some great shots of the sunset on the Mekong.

    I would definitely have to experience it when I go there.

    btw….where is the papaya on that pepper salad.

  2. Thanks Dallas. My dad couldn’t eat spicy, so I ate that all by myself, it was the best spicy papaya salad I had in Laos, might also be because I had the best view, some people would just go there for the sunset, very beautiful.

    K, the grilled fish is one of my dad’s favorite dishes, and it goes well with the spicy papaya salad, I ate this on December 2, 2008 whilst visiting Laos with my dad, I often told you in the past that I want to go back and visit Laos, and now I did and it’s great.

  3. A good Lao meal usually consist of spicy papaya salad and fresh grilled fish. But I think I would skip all that and go for the dessert, especially the rice baked in bamboo stalks. Have not had that in a long time!

    Great pictures of the sunset too. Makes me feel like I am already there 🙂

  4. Salat, the rice baked in bamboo stalk is great with Lao coffee early in the morning, that’s what I had in Luang Prabang, a local lady had 3 left, and I was out taking picture of the Morning Alms giving, so I got all 3, of course I shared some with my dad. 🙂

    The sunset is beautiful, I’m glad my camera captures well with low lighting.

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