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A Typical Day at Paksan

When I was little, I often heard story of my mom visiting TalatSao (the morning market,) and my older sisters would brag about eating Kao Piek (noodle dish) at the market, I was too young at the time, so I had never gone with her.

During our stay in Paksan, my dad and I visited TalatSao every morning for breakfast.  I think most Lao people that visit Laos are afraid to eat food from street vendor because they feel that it’s not clean, but I think it’s safe to eat as long as it’s hot, especially Kao Piek or Fer that’s boiled in the pot for a long time.  This Kao Piek is one of the best, only cost 3,000 kips ($0.35) per bowl.  The coffee is 5,000 kips ($0.59), and as good as I imagined it to be.

kao piek Lao Coffee

There are plenty of Lao bake/fried goods to go with your coffee.

Lao bake/fried goods

food at TalatSao

My Aunt doesn’t live too far from TalatSao, so we walked there, and the morning traffic is not so bad, mostly students bicycle commuting to school, and tractors heading out to their farm, it was during rice harvest time.  This is a typical day at Paksan.





5 thoughts on “A Typical Day at Paksan”

  1. I am soo hungry right now and wont be eating til later on tonight, your Kao Piek is not helping me right now!! I love Kao Piek, in fact I think we are making some for Xmas this weekend. well its either Kao Piek or Kong Pong.. or I hope both for different time/day. ahaha…

    wow thats weird how your kao piek is cheaper than the coffee..

  2. If I ever get a chance to go to the morning market, I will eat everything in sight! That’s why I love Lao New Year here, cause they have booth lined up along the field like it was TalatSow.

  3. ascandaloussin, this is the cheapest place that I came across in Laos, and Lao people called it Kao Piek Viet because it is sold by a Vietnamese lady, but it’s the same as my mom’s Kao Piek. Lao Kao Piek is slightly different, it looks more like Fer with thicker noodle, and in some places it’s 5,000 kips ($0.59) per bowl, and in Vientiane it’s 12,000 kips ($1.41) per bowl.

    lady0fdarkness, I can see that you’d gain weight when you go to Laos. One thing that I love so much about the food in Laos is that everything is so fresh and so perfect because they have all the ingredients, unlike us here in the US that we have to substitute this and that because the actually ingredient is missing.

    Dallas, I think Kong Pong is similar to Kung Pao Chicken, see picture here of Kong Pong Chicken. sorry, her Kong Pong from her post is what we called our Kao Phoun, hers looks yummy with bamboo shoot.

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