ELLE Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2008 Thailand – Disaya

Disaya + Smiley -Tent @ Central World, October 18, 2008, 21.00

“Disaya was born from this catwalk, we are happy and honor to be a part of ELLE Fashion Week.”

Fans of Disaya are in for a treat, as Khoun Disaya Surakraikitikul teams up with Sunthisouk, a beautiful designer that fell in love with Teddy Bear, presented their latest collection in ELLE Fashion Week. As for this Spring/Summer 2009 collection, her inspirations came from the song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin, Disaya presented her clothing collection through this song.

Please see a full collection, and detail shots here.

A special thanks to Mr. Nattawat (Jade) Chearananta, and the ThaiCatwalk photographers at ThaiCatwalk.com, for allowing me to use their photos and write-up of the event in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.


  1. Hello… sorry for being off-topic, but I read your post about tum strawberries and ruba. I just want to know how was it? Was it good? Were the strawberries sour? It looks good…

  2. Hi lady0fdarkness, the Som Tum Strawberry Rutabaga was a bit sour, I think if I had put less strawberry, more Padek and sugar it might have tasted better, som tum tastes better with more flavor. It is not something that I normally do, that was just an experience, but Som Tum Rutabaga is what I normally eat during the winter months where it’s cheaper to buy Rutabaga than papaya, but to me it’s not as good as Som tum Papaya.

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