Please Join Blog Action Day – October 15th, 2008

I participated in Blog Action Day last year on the issue of the environment, and this year, if you would like to participate, please register at, and October 15th, 2008 bloggers around the web would unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind – Poverty. I hope you will join, much attention is needed, I’ll be writing a post on that day.


  1. ahhhhhhhh.. I know I’m kind of late, but I clicked on one of your past entries, “Can you spot the difference?” LOL…. I’m still trying to catch a breath right now. There I am, staring so hard trying spot the difference.. lol.. good one.

    By the way…… I will check out the website you posted above. Sounds like a good cause….

  2. Hi lady0fdarkness, You can register your blog here, then they will email you a code to post. On Oct. 15th, you would write a post at your blog, use tag line of Blog Action Day, then paste the code that they gave you at the end of your blog posting (this will help them to keep track of your post), that’s all.

    As for posting, they ask bloggers to try to keep our posting related to our regular blog topic so that posts are individual, suited to our audience and look at the issue in many different lights, for eg. I’ll be writing about SE Asia Region, most likely about Laos or Laotians.

    As for spot the difference, my co-worker got me real good. 🙂 , it’s making a comeback since it’s Halloween, I should make that a sticky post.

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