The Real Goumonthong – Part II

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Goumonngen in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

Continued from: The Real Goumonthong – Part I

I often rode my motorcycle to go watch Jour Por Songk (Trance Medium), and hung out there most of the times. Most that come to visit him are from our region, those that live nearby would walk there, and those that are wealthy would ride in their car and are from the city. There seems to be all kinds of problems whether it was illness, or just daily problems, but the most seems to be reversing the black magic spell that was caste on them by their enemy. These spells were meant for them to be destructive in all shapes and forms, and especially if it was put on by Mia Noy (mistress), Goumonthong is an expert in solving this type of problems.

If you were to ask me if I believed in Goumonthong, I can tell you right here that I don’t believe! And that’s because I believe in science and scientific way of thinking, but I do have to say that I want to know or being nosy, this I can’t help myself, so I often hung out there to spy on them, keeping close eye on their behaviors and routines.

What I saw was Mia Luang (first wife) are their frequent clients, and the ones that appear wealthy would get a royal treatment. Then Jour Por (Trance Medium) would tell that person to go back home and bring back a current photo of her husband, and 3 strands of hair, then Jour Por will perform a reverse love spell that was cast on her husband by Mia Noy (the mistress).

She has to bring back these items on 8 kom, or the next Vanh Pra (Buddhist religious day). But before he takes these items, he has to perform a ceremony of ‘spirit calling spell’ to control these evil spirits by using flowers, which he often uses Dork Mali (Jasmine flower) and chanting spell that he wrote for her to cite that is a mile long, then he would give her a sacred and blessed yellow Yan cloth for her to keep with her at all times. She then carries a bag of flowers, and starts chanting as soon as she leaves Somnak (Trance Mediumship Center), and as soon as she finishes with one verse, then she throws a hand full of flowers along side the road. This is to control the evil spirits, and she has to keep doing this until she reaches her house.

As soon as she gets home, she has to take a shower (or bath) for cleansing, then follow Sin 8 (percepts) for 3 days, can’t tell anyone about this, especially her husband, and has to worship and take Goumonthong into her home with her. After she follows all this, then she has to prepare the items requested by Jour Por (Trance Medium) which are 1 photo of her husband, and 3 strands of his hair, and she has to return on the day of the appointment to perform the ceremony.

And when that day has arrived, Jour Por would take the photo, held, and rubbed the photo, then amazing things happened where Goumonthong knew of what has happened and the locations and everything about the husband in great detail, and many times would whisper to Jour Por word for word.

From what I recalled, one case where Goumonthong was able to tell that the family owns a bakery business, has a huge mango tree, and next to it is an old spirit house, and not far from it were clay dolls of male and female wrapped together by white string (Syde Sin) and for her to find it and bring it back for Jour Por to destroy, which was real odd that it usually doesn’t take too long…the wife would come back with the dolls in her hand, and they looked exactly as described by Jour Por, and at this point the wife looked bewildered. Then Jour Por immediately destroyed the dolls by smashing them into small pieces.

Spirit House photo by jennandjon
Spirit House photo by jennandjon

Another one that was real odd, Jour Por told her that her husband works for a land development/real estate company, and he drives a blue vehicle to pick up his mistress (Mia Noy) that was a former pr0stitute all the times. He then said, the wife’s house is painted green, which brings bad luck to those that live there and for her to repaint it to white color for good luck, and also for her to place a sprit house in the Northern direction and everything will be better. This time, Jour Por only asked for her to pay for him to put a spirit house there, which was a couple of thousands Baht (Thai currency) but at that time it was very expensive, but she appeared very pleased and happy to pay, then she became his frequent visitor or you might say royal client.

Not long after that, Jour Por allows people to Bousa (lease) Goumonthong, then people came from near and far, bringing in quiet a bit of money that allowed Jour Por to build a new Somnak (Trance Mediumship Center) that is bigger than the old one. Jour Por also gave me one Goumonthong, but I don’t worship and only keep it as a souvenir.

Why is that you might ask?…

That is because I’m the one that used to work for Jour Por, I’d follow his victims home and spy on them, then reported back to Jour Por in great detail such as the color of the house, what it looks like, the make and model of car and color, that way when Jour Por predicts, it’d appear as if he was seeing it through the eyes of Goumonthong.

As for the details such as profession, husband having an affair with whom, I can easily find this out by asking the nosy neighbors. The clay dolls of male and female, I’m the one that put them there, I had to write down as to the location so I won’t forget.

My old motorcycle kept cutting off on me, and made it very difficult for me to follow the victims after they left the Somnak (center) but the flowers that they threw along side the road after completed chanting each verse gave me a good direction, mapping the way to their house.

As long as I can get to their house, then after that it wasn’t difficult to find information about the family, and report back to Jour Por in return for a large sum of money for my service and also to keep my mouth shut.

When Jour Por mentions the color of the house, the gate, the types of trees, flowers…the victims blindly believe, then what ever Jour Por would lie to them or tell them to do, they would follow everything…all reasoning and common sense has gone down the drain.

If you were to ask, I am the Goumonthong!!!


  1. hahaha! That was a funny story. Even though it was meant to be about the Gumantong but the way it was mentioned in the story it just goes to show you that people will believe anything you say. It’s a shame though.

  2. Hi Jhuly, this is not the first time that I’ve heard this. In some cases, they’d ask their clients to bring an egg, and Jour Por would draw Yantra at the bottom of it, placed it next to him, then after the prediction that someone has placed a black magic spell on this person, Jour Por then reached for the egg, cracked it open and there were black oil, nails or needles. This frightened the people, and they believed everything that Jour Por tells them to do.

    Of course, it was not the same egg, but Jour Por switched the egg during the exciting episode of Khone Songk (Trance Medium), and in a way this is almost like an illusion. He used a syringe to suck out some of the egg white/yolk, then injected the black oil into the egg, and stick nails and needles in there, used glue to plug the hole, and the writing of Yantra was to hide the opening of the egg.

    I often wonder if there were any real Goumonthong or was it just a legend. My oldest sister’s co-worker who is an American is into this, and he would buy all sorts of stuff from E-Bay, and he has a Goumonthong, there are many believers out there. But I’m like him, ‘If you don’t believe, don’t mock,’ there might be some out there, but there are too many con artists out there that would take advantage of you when you needed help most, but this is not the type of place to seek help.

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