Nicole Theriault

Nicole Theriault is one of my favorite Thai female artists, these are some of the songs from her album Ka Po Lo Club.

This is one of her famous songs Boot Sa Bah


  1. Thanks , Ginger. I don’t usually listen to this type of music. I am more of a country music fan (Looktuung) but I like her song.

  2. Dallas, I like music, so I listen to all types. I used to listen to Thai country music when I was little living in Thailand, especially at Boun Wat, but I don’t listen to it anymore, I’m not sure when my taste in music has changed.

    Nicole has a beautiful voice, I think most guys would like her voice.

  3. awww, I used to LOVE Nicole.. I grew up listening to some of her songs including Joni and Louis and few other singers. Thanks for sharing and bringing back so much memories!!

  4. I don’t see her with this guy Maew Jirasak. No wonder they are divorced now. Whitney married Bobby Brown and Mariah married Nick Cannon.

  5. mozemoua, you’re much welcome, my second sister loves Joni and Louis songs, and she might be twice your age. 🙂

    Dallas, it was a short marriage, I was surprised that they got married, he didn’t look like her type. This just goes to show, the celebrities marriage don’t last very long, and that’s everywhere. 😦

  6. Nye hi.
    Seems like you’re the only one that can assist me;
    I don’t speak Thai, or any other language of the region, yet I’m stuck with a Thai song I heard about 15 years ago, when I worked with thai workers.
    The song is fantastic, but impossible to find, since I don’t know any of the words.

    What I do remember is the music, and the beginning of the song which was with waterfall effects. Then a man’s voice , then I think a woman, and the chorus is sung by many people.
    The song is very calm and beautiful, and I assume it was a big hit in the early 90s in Thailand.

    Please give me some hints if you can !!

    P.S – Liked your blog!

  7. Hi Rafael, thanks for the visit. Let me think about the song that you’re talking about and I’ll get back to you one this.

  8. Rafael, I don’t have any luck looking. I was living in the US during the 80s and 90s, and only purchased Thai cassettes and CDs from a Thai book store in Chinatown, NY, so my music collection is very limited to certain artists only. But I’ll look around some more, and will email to let you know if I find something.

  9. First time ever listening to her, and I don’t listen to that much Thai Music; this is the first in years. Very beautiful and haunting vocal. Both the lyrics and music combined in a way as to vibrate a sense of longing and melancholy…they speak of love, sadness, want and yearning, departure, and respect for each others’ feelings…a mini love story all in 3-4 minutes:)). This is what I gathered from my limited understanding(s) of Thai. I like the first song the best…and I’m playing it while I work; working weekend is great!! If my understanding of the song is way off, please correct…and I like to see the translation to the first song if you have time.

    Again, thanks for sharing. There’s always something nice and special on your blog.

  10. Hi PaNoy, the song Mai Nae Jai is from a movie soundtrack, I can’t tell you what it’s about because I didn’t get to watch it, but from watching the soundtrack, I think they were a couple in college, and when they went to the real world, things changed, and he has changed and left her for someone else.

    Here is the translation of the first song Mai Nae Jai (I’m not certain).

  11. She plays a second hand car seller in Phobia 2 too… The movie was scary as it features Marsha, Dan, Nak Charlie and Kao too… Should try to watch it Nye.

    • eerenoon, thanks I need to check into this, I saw one of her movies awhile back, it was bout 6 hours long and I’ve to say that I was not impressed by her acting. the Phobia 2 too seems promising since I like Marsha and Dan.

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