This is my puppy Max, he is a big dog now at 5 month old.  I think he looks a bit like me.

He has grown too fast in my opinion, this is the first picture I took of him at 7 week old, June 7th, 2008.

Then only 1 month later, July 12, 2008

Then August 27, 2008

It must be in the water…

Max is a Weimaraner, Weim for short, or nickname the Gray Ghost.  As mentioned in my dog training book, all breeds of dog are developed for a purpose, and a Weimaraner is originally bred by German breeders as an all-around hunting dog, one who could do a little of everything else too.  It is a powerful, strong-willed animal originally bred to hunt boar and bear. The Weim looks very much like a greyhound and it was not certain if the greyhounds were the Weimaraners ancestor.

When Max was a little puppy, my second sister came to visit him, and he was very immature at the time, still is now, and he chased her up the table, and nibbled on her legs or anything moving, but it was more like biting, and she asked me then if I have a dog or a gator.  Since then, his personality has not changed much, but all puppies turn into 70 fast-moving pounds in less than a year, but Max is not there yet, but very close, and I‘m afraid very soon.


  1. Puppies does grow fast!!! I am not a big furry animal fan but you dog is cute! my sister in law’s dog is growing very fast too!!!

    Thanks, that’s very kind of you. Let me know when you can send it to me and i’ll provide you with my address. Yeah since we don’t live to far from each other i am sure the condition won’t be so bad. I’ll put it in water as soon as i get it..

  2. mozemoua, you’re welcome, I just have to mail it at the beginning of the week, and before it gets too cold, I think you’ve till the end of October.

    A dog like Max is good if you like to walk or run, he is a great companion, might be better when he gets older and more mature.

  3. Oh Gush, he is soooo adorable. I love dogs but when I visited the SPCA a few years back, I was in love with cats. I don’t know, maybe it’s the barking that annoys me.

    Your dog grows so fast.

  4. Hi K, I think you either a cat person or a dog person, and I think you’re a cat person. I think cats are great that they can take care of themselves, but with dogs, it’s lots of work, the bark can be annoying at times.

    Some people would let them wear shock collars where it would shock them when they bark, I thought that is cruel, but it does work.

  5. Hi dear friend, Max is so handsome. Reminds us of Muffin. What a beautiful weim she was. Not a day goes by that we do not remember her and others too who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Love and snuggle him every day. Luv.

  6. Hi Audrey, thanks for commenting, I was just talking to J. that I’ve not heard from you lately, hope all is well with you and H. Max still acts like a pup, I might have to send him to obedient school, lots of cleaning up after him, but a joy to be with. 🙂

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