Wind of Change

These photos of the rice paddy were taken today, but I’m not going to talk about the rice paddy. [updated 9/25/2008, I wrote a post of Clearing the land, and how rice straw can be converted to Ethanol fuel, and also other alternative uses.]

A lot has happened recently, as we move forward to the new season, the wind of change has swept the crisp autumn air, and to some, this is the season that you’ve been waiting for, but to others the cruel, cold reality is staring right at you.

From tiny acorns… photo by c@rljones

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How would you like it if all this time you thought of yourself as the mighty oak tree, and woke up one morning and found out that you are the weed.

Of course, this is not me, in a sense, I do feel like it’s me, and that I might be a weed somewhere, but that’s another story.

As for now, I’m talking about one of my co-workers, the one that washes her sandals in the dishwasher, she often came to work with emotional baggage. She seems so unhappy, but some people are not happy unless they complain about everything, and I do think that she is that type. I often wonder why they didn’t try to work with her, she only has one more year before her retirement, I stuck with her for over 8 years and survived, why can’t they keep her for another year?

She is a good worker, extremely efficient and a perfectionist, and I do have to say that we share the same work ethic. I believed it’d be hard for this new person to fill her shoes. I don’t think she is the weed, but more like the mighty oak tree, but I often wonder if it’d be more to her advantage if she were more like a bamboo tree that sways in the wind.

Bamboo’s photo by guara-guara

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  1. Hmm…..stand out and be notice or go with the flow.

    I am getting old. There was a time when I was younger that I would just stood my ground and fight for everything. I would put in those extra effort and be a team payer. It did get me ahead but when there is a cut you become just a number. Nowadays, I just go with the flow. Bend with the wind like the bamboo tree. I like to refer to it as my place of non-abiding.

  2. Dallas, in many situations, sadly I don’t have much saying, many times I find myself being the weed, that they could pull anytime that they want and I sometimes wondered why I put myself in this type of situation, this I yet to find out.

    When this happened, I find out the true color of people around me, one lady that is taking her job wouldn’t even talk to her because she said, “I don’t work with her, and don’t want to be bothered with that type of person.” I was speechless, knowing that we all share office, their cubicles are across from each other, and they often talked to one another on a regular basis, if anything it was me that don’t talk much, I sit a bit further from them.

    It all comes down to, “if I don’t get any benefit from you, I don’t want to be bothered.”, which is not surprising to me at all because I know a lot of people that are like this, they only talk to you because they still want benefit from you, not very often that I come across people that don’t take advantage of me. I just feel that they done her wrong, she only worked 20 hours per week and her pay certainly didn’t put a dent on the company’s financial situation, this I know.

    With that said, I often find myself becoming more and more like a bamboo tree that sways in the wind, it‘s a bit sad IMO, and when I do become an oak tree, that’s the last straw for me, and you don’t want to be there when it happens.

  3. mozemoua, it’s good that we’re recognizing this, we can accept things better, but my co-worker thought she is the mighty oak tree and can’t be replaced, very sad indeed, I learned long ago that anyone can be replaced, and in due time, they won’t remember you at all.

    ….But most of us move on to do better things in life, that’s what I believe and told her, I just hope that she believes it too.

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