Danny Bunyavong at Russell Simmons Argyle Culture 09

I posted about Danny Bunyavong on a cover of a Thai Magazine before, and this time Danny is a model that walks the runway at the Russell Simmons Collection Spring 2009 at Style360 in the Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY on September 9, 2008. Below are runway photos by Tom Concordia at Elle.com

Danny is at the beginning, and also at 6:00

I’ve a hard time keeping up with Danny, I was told that he recently went to Canada to do a commercial for Adidas, but I’ve not seen this commercial yet, at only 20 years of age, Danny is doing well for himself.


  1. this is too cute! we went to the same high school…and he dated one of my friends seriously for a long time. yep. he sure is making a name for himself!

  2. from the pictures of your previous post about him, he’s hot! boy got it going on! Dang.. I am too old to try to harrass him.. ahaha im just joking.

    Yes, I am very glad that I was able to take the time out of my busy schedule to help my aunt and my cousins out with the farm. It was not only a good deed, but a good experience as well. Actually this isn’t my first time helping with harvesting the fields but i am glad i took the time to help them out!

    I sure do hope that that friend of mines pull through. I know it’s hard and rough for her with a husband like that, but I am working hard on just being a phone call away or if needed by her side. I know i can only help her with getting through this, but its only her who can make her own choices. I know, I am very glad I am not in this kind of relationship, I would never allow it to happen to me, i think I myself is worth more than to be treated badly by a guy.

    I would have to say Hmong is more similar to Thai and Laos than it is to chinese. The Hmong people did came from China hundreds and thousands of years ago, but throughout the years we had adopted some of Thai and Laos language and beliefs.

  3. So he’s only 20? I thought he was at least 30 in the pics. There must be something in the water. Kidding.

    Congrats to him for being on the runway with Russell Simmons. I’m glad the models are a good mix of races. And you can really stand out of the crowd (of men) with these colors.

  4. Salat, he does look older than his age, even at the age of 14, he looked 18 then, I guess he didn’t inherit a good Chinese gene from his grandfather. 😉

    I’m surprised to hear that he is doing runway because I thought he is too tall, 6’3″ and could only put down 6’2″ on his comp card, but it appears that all of them are tall. As a result of this, he received more modeling offer and is very happy with the outcome.

  5. Ohhhhh, I’ve seen him a few times on my friends myspace. He has a personal myspace also & I recently found out that he’s my friend’s distant cousin.

    I really didn’t know who he was until I saw him on Image and him posting the pictures on his myspace.

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