Emotional Rollercoaster Everywhere

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I fill-up my car today, and I do have to say that my car must be very happy because this is the first time I fill-up with 89-Plus, such a royal treatment.  As for me, I can’t say that we shared the same feeling, I always filled my car with 87-Regular, and when I got to the pump at 5:30 PM today, it was all out, and so was the gas in my tank, so I had no choice, and had not been up-to-date with the news until I got home, but all of this is due to hurricane Ike that has made landfall and I would expect the price to soar even higher.

One of my co-workers told me several days back of how bad hurricane Hugo hit this area in September of 1989, I was living in NYC at the time and the effect was not as severed, and this could be as bad, but according to this article, hurricane Ike could be worse than Katrina for the US.  As for those that are in the path of the storm, please stay safe.

Photo 1 David J. Phillip/AP:  Residents were told to evacuate Houston Texas before Hurricane Ike hits the coast; Photo 2 Bob Pearson/EPA: Waves surged in Galveston Texas. 6ft walls of water are expected when the Hurricane comes ashore

Photo 3 David J. Phillip/AP: Shrimp boats are secured in preparation for the force of the storm; Photo 4 Claudia Daut/Reuters: Ike has already battered Cuba causing killing hundreds and causing widespread devastation


  1. We are playing host to my wife parents and her sister family again. Her sister and parents live in PA as I like to refer to Port Arthur. The house is next to the sea wall. That is what seperate the backyard from the sea water. One of the family friend decided to stay to look for his friend. He said it was the most scariest moment of his life. He said he will never stay back again. He went over to inspect my wife sister house. The water had came over the seawall. Some of the house were flooded.

  2. Dallas, I’m glad that you guys are safe, when I heard of Texas, I thought of you. I’ve never been in that situation before, but it’s so sad to hear and see this on the news.

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