My Special Visitor: a Large Brown Moth

It has been raining for the last several days, very grooming and somewhat depressing, but today I have a visitor at work.  I had to work off site, and when I got back around 3 PM, I saw the plant manager standing in front of the building smoking, and he pointed to a huge brown moth.  I didn’t have my camera with me, and he reached down and placed the moth on his hand.  I asked him to hold it while I go back home to get my camera, and he said that he would, but when I got back, I couldn’t find him right away.

When I did finally find him, he didn’t have the moth with him.  He said that it took me too long to get back, so he had it waited in the waiting room, but didn’t sign it in.  Okay….see what I’ve to put up with, so there it is waiting for me in the waiting room.

This is my second visitor this year, the past April, I had a green Luna moth that appeared at the same spot.

This one is an Antheraea polyphemus – Polyphemus Moth, it got its name Polyphemus from the mythological one-eyed cyclops, mentioned in The Odyssey of Homer.  It is quiet large, wingspan of 100-150 mm, and the adult is large, brown, with a small round eyespot near the middle of the forewing, and a huge round or elliptical eyespot near the middle of the hindwing. Males have much smaller bodies but much larger and more feathery antennae than do females. I believed this one is a female.

I think she likes me, she is very photogenic as you can see, I believed she is posing for me.  I wonder if she will be there tomorrow morning, the green Luna Moth stayed for 3 days.

Updated 8/28/2008: I didn’t see her this morning, but when I went out in the afternoon, I saw her above the front door, she was just hanging out.

Updated 8/29/2008: Still hanging…

My pup has gotten a lot bigger, he has these sad puppy eyes.


  1. Beautiful month photos! I remember the green one you mention a while back. I thought that was very pretty. But this brown one has some neat design on the wings. The pattern looks like an owl’s eye with pink brows. So glad you were able to capture this in photo and share it the rest of us.

    And the puppy has grown a bit, very cute. Hope your puppy training is going well. 🙂

  2. Good photo’s of the moth. That’s a really colorful one. I can see where that one got its name.

    We were just remarking last night how we haven’t seen a luna moth all summer though we have had quite a few of other large ones.

    The puppy sure has grown. What’s his name?

  3. Salat, thanks. When I went home to get the camera, I kept thinking to myself it was worth it, and now I know it is. The puppy is about 3 months old, and the only thing that he knows to do is to sit. I still have to teach him not to bite or jump on me, he gets too excited sometimes.

    Hi Baker, this one is real pretty. As for the green Luna Moth, it hung around for a while, and the next morning when I came back with the camera, it was still there. This brown one was gone when I came in this morning, so I’m glad that I went home to get my camera, I really need to carry it with me all the time.

    As for my puppy, his name is Max for short, but full name Nye Max. 🙂 (Nye in Lao/Thai means Mr or Boss)

  4. How beautiful!! I had never seen such beautiful Moths before. I always see the small ones.

    you should really keep your camera on you all the times, that’s what I do, well except for when my sisters takes it with them.

    Here is the link to the opening theme and episode 1.1 by wishboniko..

    I am trying to find out who he is cos i have not yet seen this guy in the series. I swear i have not seen him so i am just curious if he’s just some guest star who’ll show up at the last two episode or what b/c I have only two more episodes to wait on…

    By the way you should really watch this series Gae Roy Rak, it’s soo good. Besides I love rome and rita so very much!

    I do agree, fall does go by fast! I could never get enough of the beautiful autumn season! It’s already starting to show sign of fall here in georgia so I can’t wait for it to approach! I think the mountians are always so beautiful in the fall, I’ve always wanted to go to the mountians to take pictures during the fall, but it’s at least a good 2 hours from me to go to an actual mountain area, but when i do start school and get my professional camera I think i really should go up to the mountians to take some pictures too!

    Oh by the way, i keep forgetting to ask you, when you take your pictues what camera do you use? I love the quality of your camera.

  5. Hi mozemoua, I’ve a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI, and it came with an EF-S 18-55 lens, but it didn’t give me the zooming capacity that I was after (the green Luna Moth is taken with this lens, looks good because it was taken at close range, but when zooming in, the quality is not that good), so I upgraded the lens to EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM, which is what you’re seeing here. The camera is not a professional camera, it doesn’t take a full frame photo, but the new lens is made for a professional camera, I’m surprised that it’s compatible to my camera, Jan, a professional photographer of Shimworld is the one that advised me about the lens, and he said that the lens takes full frame photo (something like that).

    I live at the foothill, so only 1 hour from the mountains, I talked about it every year, but hope that I will get to do it this year. I went there in the spring time and it’s real pretty.

    As for the Lakorn, I’ll watch it tonight and let you know but from the intro it appears that he is a special guest.

  6. Thanks Ginger! You know what, that’s the camera i wanted to get for photography school, but my teacher doesnt wan’t us to get anything until after the first day of class. GOsh, it’s going to cost me so much money just for taking photography, but i believe it’ll be worth it sooner or later!

    I love canon cameras!! Whenever getting a camera, if it’s not a canon, i wont get it. THe camera I am using right now is the canon powershot camera and hoping to upgrade to my professional canon when school starts. (I don’t know how much of a professional camera i’ll be going for, but enough for school for the time being).

    You should really watch this lakorn, it’s a great one! this lakorn kept me glued onto the computer so badly it’s not even funny! But thanks, iguess since he’s a special guest to the lakorn he wont show up until maybe friday’s episode or maybe even saturday’s episode, the last one. IT was bugging the crap out of me because i haven’t seen him in the lakorn yet. BUt since now i know he’s a special guest he should be seen soon. THanks

    I have a co-worker who always goes up to the mountian every fall, and he said it is beautiful in the fall with the different shades of leaves, i hope to be able to go this year, i could never find the time to go since it’s so far from me. I should be getting my camera soon so when i do, i am going to go for sure even if it’s far!! it’ll be worth it i am sure!!

  7. mozemoua, I never thought much about camera until recently and I think its worth it to get the best camera that you can afford because you’re capturing memory in images. As of right now, this is all I can afford. I’d love to go back to photography school, I’m most happy when I get to take photos of nature and people, but I just don’t have the time for it, so right now I read Digital Photography School Blog and it’s great, I learn so much from their posts.

  8. OMG!!! can someone send this song to me. Dan’s song the paper crane!! i looked everywhere for it. can someone send it to my email. gaothao3 at yahoo. thanks!!

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