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Vassa Festival in Sayaboury – Part 1

Video and description by ArnuShawn:  Part I of Vassa festival in Sayaboury documentary.

Led by a group of peoples from Luang Prabang Laos, they traveled to Sayaboury Laos to experience the unique celebration of the beginning of Vassa (Wan Kao Pansa). Vassa is also known as Rains Retreat. From July to October, it is the rainy season for most of Southeast Asia. During this period, Buddhist monks normally stay in their temples and avoid any unnecessary travel. However, the retreat has largely been given up by Mahayana Buddhists, as Mahayana Buddhism has typically flourished in regions without a rainy season. For those countries that still practicing this tradition, there is a variation in ceremony from one city to another.

This film is about how peoples in Sayaboury city celebrate their own Vassa Festival. Hope you will enjoy it.

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