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The Dragon Hunt

I found some interesting reading about dragonflies, and didn’t know that dragonflies have been on Earth for more than 250 million years. They predated birds and outlived dinosaurs. Still, they are at risk, perhaps more now than ever. Habitats suitable for dragonflies are being lost to irrigation, pollution, and the destruction of rain forests. I’ve noticed lately, I thought I was going crazy seeing them in odd places, such as my work place parking lot, the shopping mall parking lot, the bank parking lot and the supermarket parking lot, and of course I didn’t have my camera with me, and even if I do, it would be hard to capture because they have no place to land, the cars and paved concrete are too hot. According to the National Geographic, people can help preserve dragonfly species in the following ways:

  • Create new habitats. Dig a pond in your backyard, garden, or at your school. Soon, dragonflies will colonize them. A pond at your school will not only help dragonflies, but it will serve as an important teaching tool.
  • Maintain ponds. Keep ponds from becoming overgrown with aquatic plants. Trim back surrounding trees. Dragonflies prefer sunny locations.
  • Keep it clean! Ponds near farms are particularly susceptible to pollution. Encourage farmers to keep livestock separate from ponds. Manure reduces the oxygen level in water, harming dragonfly larvae.
  • Support conservation. Organize a clean-up of a local wetland, or hold a fund-raiser to support wildlife reserves.

This one is real pretty, at first I thought it was a butterfly from afar because of its huge black wings but when looking closer, it’s a bluish green damselfly, I don’t think it’s a dragonfly mainly because of its thin body.

If you’ve not noticed already, I’m fascinated with this rice paddy, it’s obviously to the point that if I were to look sad at work, my boss would say, “what’s the matter, did your rice paddy die?”  I think it’s so pretty, as for the owners of the rice paddies, they might be planting to feed the family, but if you were to look closely, they’ve also created a habitat, a perfect environment for these dragonflies and damselflies without realizing it.  It’s real pretty seeing it from the road.

So, this is where I go for my smoking break, but I don’t smoke.

8 thoughts on “The Dragon Hunt”

  1. wow..the dark blue/green dragonflies is very pretty..yeah..for some reason..i saw a dragon flies at walmart parking lot..only if we can be more responsible for our action..hrmm..maybe i should built a small pond..but i dnt know, and those rice look yummie..

  2. GREAT captures on the damselflies. Absolutely stunning.

    One way to tell the difference in dragons and damsels it by their eyes. The eyes of the dragon are always close together and usually touching. This gives the head a round appearance in most cases.

    The eyes of the damsel are separated. This give the appearance of a hammer head similar to the hammerhead shark.

    You captured them well. I think this particular type of damselfly makes for great photo’s when they perch on a leaf in the sunshine. They make such interesting shadows.

  3. Jae an now Asanee Wasan? If you put a link to Arisaman songs then I would think we are twin.

  4. Hi hleemoua, I know what you mean about the rice, they look so pretty, I’m sure they’d also taste good. 🙂

    Thanks for the link Baker, I think it’s the same one. When I took the picture, I thought it was a dragonfly, and even while I was posting, I even wrote that it was a dragonfly, but when I was trying to look for the name then I realized that the body is not a dragonfly’s body. The huge body is what got me confused because most damselflies are very small.

  5. For next planting season you should really consider helping them plant the Rice. It is well worth the experience, and not just that, it would give you even more appreciation for it. I’ve done my part and helped, it is a heck of a great experience, although it was painful and tiring.

  6. mozemoua, I think I will ask, especially if they were to do it on the weekend. These pictures were taken whilst I’m at work during my morning or afternoon break and also my lunch break, or sometimes I just sneak down there, so I’m not properly dressed to help nor have enough time, I think we appreciate things more when we share the experience.

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