Boat Tour Through the Klongs of Bangkok

Bangkok Talk takes the same boat tour which the Dutch crown prince and his wife made during their royal visit in Thailand.

Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima were one of the many royal quest of the Thai king Bhumibol in June 2006.



  1. Now that was cool. I think it was more like real life boat rides compared to some one may see on a documentary or the like. I particularly liked the slide at 0:53 and the net casting at the end. I wish he had shown more of the net casting as I have just learned this summer how to cast such a net and would have liked to see their technique.


  2. Hi Baker, I’m glad that you enjoy the video, if I’m ever in the area, I’ll keep you in mind and find out the technique for you. 🙂

    mozemoua, I think a boat tour like this is a good way to see how people in the Krong live. This is on my to do list. 🙂

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