Buddhist Monk Garden in Mid August

If you ever have a chance to visit a Buddhist Temple, the first thing to do is to pay respect to the big Buddha. This Buddha statue made me think of a Monday Buddha (There are Buddha images for each day of the week, read more here),  Monday is represented by Preventing Calamities which is also known as Pacifying the Relatives, the Buddha stands with the left hand hanging down at the side while the right is raised at chest level.  This Buddha has his left hand raised and right hand hanging down at his side.

I had a chance to visit the Temple’s garden again on Saturday, the persimmons are not ready for picking yet, but they taste really good, I tried a few of the red cheek ones.

I’m not sure what the one below is called in English, but it’s called Kathun in Lao and Putsar in Thai.

I spotted a bird’s nest, it appears that the mother is feeding her youngins.

There are all kinds of herbs and rare vegetables at Wat (Temple).

This is a good reason as to why we shouldn’t have a still water sitting around, a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  There are people in Thailand that actually breed these for Beta fish, I think it’s called Loak Nom, or Mang Ngong Ngang in Lao and Thai language.

The persimmons should be ready for harvest in the next few weeks or so, I think I might have to visit the temple more often.


  1. What a nice garden. Lots of fruit trees and Lao herbs too. But they should do something about the standing water. Some counties will give you free mosquito eating fishes to put in your pond.

    Btw, the fruit you mention as kathun are called Chinese dates or jujube (in English). They are really good, slightly crunchy and sweet. The Chinese use the ripe ones and dried them to add to medicinal teas.

  2. Hi Salat, I thought of you when I saw the persimmons, (almost) feel guilty eating it by myself. 😉 and thanks for the name of the Chinese dates or Jujube.

  3. Your welcome…. jujubes are best eaten before they get too ripe. The temple garden is a fruit lover’s dream 🙂

    I really enjoy visiting your blog. There are always entertaining stories and great pictures too. And thanks for thinking of me!

  4. Salat, thanks for your kind word, it has been a lot of fun for me to be able to do series of rice paddy and gardens. I’m not sure what I’ll blog about in the winter months, but I’m looking forward to November, it will be a treat for me and everyone.

  5. It’s November! Don’t forget to check out those ripe persimmons. One day I would like to have my own persimmon tree too. They seem easy to grow in most climates.

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