Water Buffalo Reminds Us of Who We Once Were

I recently visited a friend and they have this inside their home. It’s one of the most beautiful water buffalo sculpture that I’ve ever seen. It’s about 30 inches tall, and he said that he has the burden to carry it around, they’ve moved 3 times and can’t get rid of it.

water buffaloe


It belongs to his father, it’s over 30 years old and his father brought it to America with them 30 years ago because they were farmers in Taiwan, and this is to remind them of who they once were, so every time his dad visits his family, this is the first thing that he would ask to see.  None of the other children wanted it, so the burden falls on him.

I wonder if he thought it is ugly because he has it in the basement’s bathroom, and the only time that it is placed at the front entrance is when his dad visit.  If my dad were to give this to me, I would think it’s such an honor, but of course, everyone see things differently.


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